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AWA’s Mission

There’s a reason why we do conversion rate optimisation. We think it makes the world a better place when it’s easy for people to buy.

Why we do Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your website may sell products or services, but that’s not what your customers are really buying. For them it’s just a something the need to make their life better. People come to your site wanting to enjoy the benefits of the thing they’re buying, not to spend their time jabbing at a mobile, searching in vain or clicking a mouse and seething with frustration.

Buying should be easy

Your customers want buying to be easy

Of course, buying is inherently complex, and CRO is about far more than just usability. Advances in neuroscience have uncovered a raft of persuasive forces that go into every decision, and much of this underpins our approach to CRO.

Our work helps people buy what they want quickly and easily, so they can get on with the important parts of life, like spending time with friends and family.

For you as a business, there is a clear benefit with this approach. Your website doesn’t just improve usability, it also improves its ‘buyability’, giving you higher sales, more repeat purchases, stronger loyalty, increasing profits and better reviews.

Ultimately that plays a small part in building a stable economy and a happier, more prosperous society for all to enjoy. That’s why we do Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Robust CRO methodology

Effective CRO is a process, and success depends on following a methodology and not cutting corners or letting guesswork and opinions take over. Our CRO process is rooted in extensive research and analysis, with a scientific process of validating recommendations through split testing. It has proved its worth on hundreds of successful projects for websites large and small and is constantly being refined and improved at our company-wide quarterly meetings.


AWA’s analytics heritage

Today AWA is one of the world’s fastest-growing global CRO agencies. Our journey here started when the founder, Dan Croxen-John set up Applied Web Analytics in 1998. Since then over a hundred clients have used AWA for CRO, from small start ups to multinational blue chip companies, but analytics is still one of the most valuable tools we use, day in day out.


The AWA leadership team

Our leadership team has many years’ experience of growing businesses through the application of the principles of direct marketing, neuromarketing, consumer research, growth hacking and validated learning; what we now know of as conversion optimisation.

The full AWA team includes optimisers, web analysts, copywriters, marketers, designers, front-end developers and tool specialists.

Dan Croxen-John

Dan Croxen-John


As CEO, Dan leads the business in ensuring that the agency continues to innovate, grow and serve its expanding client base across three continents. Prior to founding AWA, Dan ran a number of successful multichannel retailers. Dan holds an MBA from Bath University School of Management, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Dan is co-author of E-commerce Website Optimization (Kogan Page, 2017).

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Johann van Tonder

Johann van Tonder


Johann was an early adopter of Conversion Rate Optimisation as a discipline and is co-author of E-commerce Website Optimization (Kogan Page, 2017). He leads the AWA Optimisation Team and also takes on the role of lead optimiser on some projects. His corporate background, and subsequent experience as e-commerce turnaround CEO, affords him a unique client-side perspective that he brings to website optimisation.

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Mel Henson

Mel Henson

Head of Creative

Mel is an experienced strategist and copywriter, who learned the skills of direct marketing at Ogilvy & Mather Direct. Mel heads a team of specialist designers and copywriters providing creative services to AWA optimisers when new web pages are being developed for split testing. She is also the author of the Amazon business bestseller, “Flicks & Clicks: How to Create Websites and Catalogues that Sell More”.

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