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Why Do 95% Of Your Web Visitors Leave Without Buying?

And what can you do about it?

That’s the conundrum at the heart of any e-commerce business

The fact is, there’s no easy answer. Every website is different. It takes systematic, painstaking research and analysis to uncover the reasons why more of your visitors don’t get out their wallets. But when you do, it’s possible to create new web pages to address those issues, and split-test them against your current site to see how much extra revenue they’ll bring you.

That’s the essence of any Conversion Rate Optimisation programme.

What you’ll learn from our CRO experts

“E-commerce Website Optimization” shows you how to dramatically improve your revenues and enhance your visitor experience. With dozens of real-life examples, charts and diagrams, you will learn:

  • How to kick-off your CRO project
  • How people buy
  • Essential research
  • Further Research to add depth and breadth
  • Merchandising Analytics
  • Creating the optimisation plan
  • Hypotheses and creative work
  • Testing your hypotheses

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AWA’s CEO and COO are world experts in optimizing retail websites. Their knowledge is now available to all in the first how-to business book specifically for e-commerce optimization.

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“E-commerce Website Optimization” book reviews

“A must-have for any e-commerce business, this book captures technical expertise and the methodologies required to run very successful optimization programmes.”

John Donnellan
E-commerce Director EMA
Canon Europe

“At last, a practical guide dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for online retail. I recommend it.”

Dr Dave Chaffey

“This book explores how to understand people, their behaviour, their feedback, their testing choices… and win bigger revenues.”

Avinash Kaushik
Digital Marketing Evangelist
Web Analytics 2.0 Author

About the authors

Dan Croxen-John

Founder and CEO of AWA digital, an international e-commerce conversion optimisation agency. Dan is a certified Web Analyst, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and serves on advisory boards for several digital and multichannel retail associations. Dan writes regularly on all aspects of analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation and is a popular speaker at CRO conferences in Europe, North America and Africa.

Johann Van Tonder

COO at AWA digital. As head of an international web optimization team he uses principles and techniques in this book to deliver double and triple digit sales uplifts for large and small e-commerce businesses alike. Having trained and coached optimisation teams around the world, he is adept at making complex concepts easy to understand.

“E-commerce Website Optimization”

E-commerce Website Optimization is a practical guide to improving online conversion rates, leading to a better ROI from online marketing campaigns and higher levels of repeat business. Based around a tried and tested 5-step CRO methodology it brings together usability, analytics and key aspects of psychology in a step-by-step approach that’s proven to increase e-commerce sales.

Featuring a range of revealing case studies, E-commerce Website Optimization is perfect for anyone seeking to implement a data-driven ethos to growing an e-commerce business. With expertly explained insights into how online customers buy, the book provides a wealth of guidance on the entire optimization process from project kick-off through to research, prioritisation and implementing a robust split testing programme. An entire chapter is devoted to personalisation, while mobile optimization is referenced throughout.

Carefully researched, clearly explained and featuring real-world examples, E-commerce Website Optimization equips the reader to improve online sales, using the tools, techniques and methods practiced by the world’s most successful multichannel and e-commerce retailers.

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