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Experimentation Works

What is Experimentation Works?

Experimentation Works is a conference series. It aims to be the leading forum for debates, challenging concepts and revealing case studies of organisations who have made the shift to experimentation – as well as for companies and individuals who want to start this journey.

The event is named in honour of Stefan Thomke’s business-redefining book “Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments” a must-read for anyone interested in business experimentation. Stefan was the keynote speaker at the inaugural event in September 2020.

Who should attend?

Experimentation Works is open to all. A chance to learn, participate and meet those who are passionate about experimentation. You might be a product manager, an innovation champion in your business, an entrepreneur who’s just starting out or an experienced conversion specialist or a growth hacker.

You’re welcome if you are just intrigued by what experimentation means or need to know the very latest developments in experimentation to stay ahead. Come and join us, ask questions and share your journey in experimentation with us.

Don’t miss the next event

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