A Buyer’s Guide to Full Stack Experimentation Platforms

Full Stack Experimentation enables businesses to experiment deep into their technology stack and across the whole range of their marketing channels at the same time.

AWA digital has compiled the table below in order to help our clients and those interested in experimentation to choose the best technology for them. The table is unique, compiled from independent research from multiple data sources and in cooperation with vendors and will be regularly updated as new full stack platforms enter the market and vendors update their technology.

Site Usage – Live Sites
(Source: builtwith.com)
Customer Rating
(Source: trustradius.com)
Employees Rating
(Source: Glassdoor.co.uk)
Started offering FS
Available Plans
Average annual license fee
(assuming 1m visitors/month) – Full Stack Pricing
Training offered
Free trial
Customer Support
Professional Services
Key Features
testing possible?
SDK Installation Required?
Third Party Integrations
Custom Integrations
Support for
staging environments?
Other features and tools
Optimizely VWO AB Tasty Adobe Target Conductrics Kameleoon Convert Oracle Maxymiser Kibo Personalisation
(Powered by Monetate and Certona)
SiteSpect Qubit Taplytics
72,711 39,901 11,031 12,887 67 764 2,265 1,029 1,445 198 21
8.6/10 7.7/10 8.3/10 8.1/10 8.3/10 9.0/10 7.3/10 8.7/10 8.0/10 9.0/10 9.0/10
3.0/5 3.6/5 4.5/5 4.1/5 4.1/5 3.5/5 3.3/5 3.5/5 4.0/5 4.2/5
2017 2018 2017 2020 2017 2014
Free Rollouts plan
+ 3 subscription tiers
VWO Full Stack Starter
Standard, Premium Various plans dependant on the average traffic on the client\’s website Maxymiser is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud Core, Enhanced and Suite Free POC/Trial
Qubit Start
Qubit Grow
Qubit Pro
Free, Growth, Enterprise
Roughly $40K Approx $24K Available upon request Available upon request Available upon request €10K to €50K $899-$1100 Available upon request Available upon request Pricing upon request Available on request
4-8 weeks Able to run tests from day 1 with customer success service 10 days 2 days 60 days 10 days 1 day
  • Self-guided training Academy
  • Knowledge Base
  • Developer Documentation
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers
  • Classroom Training
Depending on plan Webinars available to customers 1 day training on site that covers CRO best practices and use cases and a technical workshop to get started with a first experiment. Free onboarding training
  • Initial onboarding package
  • Bi-monthly client-only webinars
  • Instructor-led
  • Self Help/Developer portal
  • Ongoing optimisation consulting
  • Onboarding services
  • Academy, Knowledge Base, Developer Documentation
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers and Technical Support
  • Ongoing Training
  • 30-day trial for Full Stack
  • Free plan for Rollouts
30-day free trial No Not offered 15 days Pre-sales technical POC, no free trial Yes (30/60/90 day options) Free account tier with no credit card required
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Technical support through a helpdesk
  • Dedicated CSM
  • 24×7 Support
Standard, Premium and Premium+, depending on plan
  • AT Community Forum
  • AT Basics Webinar Series
  • Adobe Customer Care Office Hours
  • Adobe Client Care
Password-protected customer support platform
  • Requests related to the onboarding of the customer
  • Bug Reports
  • Feature requests follow up
Chat and email Experienced UK customer success team, platform consultants, and comprehensive tech support
  • 24×7 critical support
  • Named Consulting team
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Technical support via Slack, Email and Zoom
  • Implementation tailored to the needs of business units and teams
  • Program success definition by Strategy Consultants Technology
  • Enablement and training by Solutions Architects and Technical and Strategy trainers
  • Ideation
  • Implementation
  • Roadmap and Program Management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Technical & methodological support
  • Strategic advisory
  • Consultants: UX recommendations, web analysis, project management, best practice sharing
  • Technical Account Managers: Setup of advanced tests
Offered through certified partners Offered through certified partners
  • Platform experts
  • Strategic consultants
  • Delivery engineering
  • Ideation
  • Site Behavioural Analysis
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Roadmap development & prioritisation
  • Campaign design, development, Q/A, result analysis
  • Customised services
In-House Professional services from product experts that help with Ideation, Strategy, and Processes
  • Embed A/B/n tests
  • Multi-armed bandits
  • Feature Flags
  • Variables
  • Feature Tests
  • Feature tests
  • Feature Rollouts
  • Server-side AB testing
  • Uniform interface for both client and side server testing
  • Feature flagging
  • Progressive rollouts
  • Single delivery platform
  • Different hosting options
  • Interpretable AI
  • Audience Discovery
  • Listen-only mode
  • In-memory bucketing (low latency)
  • Consistent bucketing
  • Back to front automatic synchronization bridges
  • Dedicated reporting platform
  • Solid AB Testing Platform
  • Node JS SDK
  • Server-side capabilities to programmatically access the decision engine and action tracking functionality
  • 1-to-1 Personalization
  • Product Recommendations
  • Personalized Search
  • Advanced Feature Flagging
  • Blue-Green, Canary release testing
  • Continuous Release support
  • Session management
  • Behavioural & contextual targeting
  • AI-driven personalisation engine
  • Single interface for web, mobile, and TV app A/B Testing
  • Feature Rollouts
  • Canary Release Testing and CI/CD
  • Client-side, Server-side, API, Private-cloud or On-Premise options
Web, Mobile Apps, IoT, OTT, Server applications Web, Mobile Apps, Beacons, Connected devices Web, Mobile apps, TV apps, Connected devices, Chatbots, Beacons Web, Mobile Apps, Email, Digital ads, IoT, OTT, Smart cars, VR/AR applications, Soft drink machines, Digital assistants, Kiosks, Gaming consoles, POS devices Web, Mobile Apps, Email, Contact centre/Customer support, Kiosks, IoT Web, Mobile Apps, Connected devices. Web Apps and Node Based Frameworks All channels Omnichannel, Web, Mobile, Social, Ad, Email, Kiosk, OTT, IoT Cross-Channel, Web, Mobile, OTT, Connected Devices, Server-side
11 SDKs supporting languages: iOS, Android, React, JavaScript, Node, Python, Ruby, Go, PHP, C# and Java.
Can also be implemented as a microservice.
.NET, Java, NodeJs, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, React Native apps, Android apps, iOS apps Android, iOS, JS/Node.JS, Reactjs, React Native, Python. Node.js, Java Java, PHP, C#, NodeJS, Swift, React native, Front-Web servers: Apache and Nginx Javascript / NodeJS All languages supported All languages supported All languages supported including Roku
Yes – with the iOS, Android, and Javascript SDKs. Yes Yes Yes A customer can subscribe independently to both solutions but can also use the two in combination. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes but Full Stack can also be integrated as a microservice with Optimizely Agent. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. SDKs for React, iOS and Android offered. Can also be used as a Microservice. No Yes for SDK options. Otherwise, API offerings do not require SDK installation
7 4 1 9 All Node JS Compatible Technologies All Oracle Marketing Cloud products. API connections for others. 6 36 12 14
  • Notification listener platform to get data out of the system
  • REST APIs to retrieve experiment, variation, feature flag and results data for use in 3rd party data analysis and data science platforms
  • Import data into the platform easily via Optimizely’s SDKs
Via the VWO REST API AA, GA, Webtrekk, Segment, Sessioncam, Crazy Egg, GoSquared, AAM, Tealium etc Target Recommendations APIs Client-side Javascript snippet installation required for all out-of-the-box integrations Ready-to-go connectors to web analytics, user experience analytics, DMPs, CDPs, CMS and more. Yes (Analytics, CDP, DMP, Release Management, Source Code Management, Ticketing, Social, Email, Personalization, Recommendations, SSO, Others) Import and export experiment, variation, feature flag and results data into and out of Taplytics easily via Taplytics REST API and SDKs
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Mutual Exclusivity
  • Full audit trail of changes to Experiments and Feature Flags.
  • Collaborator roles
  • Optimizely Program Management
  • Experimentation Program Management Tool included with Full Stack
  • Ability to create personas
  • Ability to set deployment intervals
  • Feature flagging
  • AI predictive targeting solution offered independantly
  • Override web pages caching constraints thanks to Nginx or Apache web server SDKs.
  • Product in beta version
  • AdLink
  • Feature Flags
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Automated Personalization
  • Mobile, SPA, & PWA optimization
  • Multi-armed bandit
  • Live Variables
  • AJAX and JSON manipulation
  • Smart Traffic Management
  • Alternate Origin support
  • Platform Migration support
  • RegEx for event triggering
  • Full enterprise user permission capabilities with customizable roles
  • Direct data warehouse connections into Snowflake
  • Audit trail of changes to experiments and feature flags
  • Raw data access
  • Customer journey map and marketing automation journey builder

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