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Make smarter decisions and innovate more quickly

What do you get out of it?

1. Discover which ideas have the best chance of turning a profit
That means you can direct your investment towards products, planned improvements and new features with confidence, based on evidence.

2. Find out what your customers actually want, and what they’ll pay for
The only way to find out what customers really want – they would ask Henry Ford for a faster horse – is to run lots of scientific experiments.

3. Speed up with hard data instead of gut-feel or endless internal debates
Which, ultimately, leads to slashed costs, boosted revenues, and rising profits.

A continuous programme of commercially-focused experiments

AWA’s dedicated Experimentation team will run one experiment after another – at pace – to test and refine what will fly with your customers.

You discover what your customers want from you. Not what they say they want. Or what you imagine they want. But what they actually want.

And let’s not forget the current customer journey. Our experimentation service is not only about testing new products, services or features.It’s just as important to improve the way your customers buy from you at the moment.

Is experimentation right for me?

You don’t have to be Amazon, Netflix and to benefit from the secret of their success. They learned early on that the key to success was experimentation.

Now you can build your business in exactly the same way.

Arrogant companies like Blockbuster failed to experiment and test new ideas. Where are they now?

Isn’t this just CRO?

Experimentation is a lot more than CRO.

CRO is focused on improving a website’s conversion rate and while this is crucial for many businesses, experimentation offers you a longer list of benefits.

Click here to see the comparison.

What ROI can I expect?

For such a comprehensive programme of work, the demands on your time are modest. That’s the beauty of our Experimentation service. We do all the work. You get all the results.

Your financial investment is £15-£40k/month. What’s that worth on the back-end?

Canon Europe is still seeing 1,100% ROI after six years.

Client Success

Whether your sales have flatlined or whether you believe your website is bleeding lost revenue we can help

“We brought in AWA to run our experimentation programme, to be an extension of our team, to challenge our strategic direction – we have seen double-digit growth year on year.

John Donnellan, Canon

John Donnellan

EMEA Ecommerce Director
Canon Europe

Interested in turning experimentation and testing into an advantage for your entire business?