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Capability Transfer

Own your entire experimentation process

What do you get out of it?

1. Reduce your reliance on outside agencies
Of course we want to work with you. But long- term, it’s always best to have ownership of core competencies. Otherwise, why call them ‘core’ competencies?

2. Slash costs and boost ROI in innovation
Again, we believe we deliver excellent value for money. But when your own people are doing the work, the extra cost of running one more experiment isn’t even worth thinking about.

3. Get more from your people, and hold onto them for longer
What’s more, you create a more interesting career path for your employees, so they spend longer with you, adding more value to the business.

How does it work?

AWA’s Capability Transfer programme migrates all the skills, methods and approaches inherent in our experimentation process from us to your own people.

Now you have a home-grown innovation capability you can use to constantly out-experiment and outperform your competitors.

Capability Transfer is similar to our Experimentation programme. Year 1 for both services is pretty much the same. The only difference is, with Capability Transfer, we agree at the outset that our shared goal is for us to transfer what we know about experimentation, testing and measurement to you. That’s our Year 2 goal.

Now, rather than a one-off programme, you have in-house team ready to test each new experiment, prototype and innovate.

Why bring experimentation in-house?

Some skills are important to business success, but can easily be done by others. Media buying, for example. Or accounting. Others belong firmly on the inside of the citadel, where you can own, protect, nurture and grow them.

What ROI can I expect?

Spend your second year with us bringing your Experimentation process in-house and you benefit in two distinct ways.

You’re investing in immediate wins in terms of data-driven innovation. And long-term improvements to the way your business innovates.

That’s the beauty of Capability Transfer. It starts with bought-in expertise and evolves into internal core competence. You’ll also see cost per experiment slashed in year two.

How long does it take?

Capability Transfer is best understood as phase two in a two-year process that begins with us designing and implementing a successful programme of experimentation in your business. There’s no point transferring something until it’s proven to work.

Capability Transfer

Do you want us to train 10%, 40% or 80% of your team?

Whatever the number, we provide a tailor-made training and skills-transfer programme.

Client Success

Whether your sales have flatlined or whether you believe your website is bleeding lost revenue we can help

“AWA people are very open in sharing their knowledge. They want us to succeed as much as we do”

Hayley Jones

CRO Project Manager
Bamboo Clothing

Interested in turning experimentation and testing into an advantage for your entire business?