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How our ‘research-first’ approach delivered extraordinary returns for Interflora


Interflora had been working with a testing platform provider and were underwhelmed by the results from the testing programme and the account management from this large businesses was poor. The business was also aware that there were significant unexploited opportunities to improve sales from their mobile website.


“The increased revenue has been significant, far and away exceeding our investment”

Since 2013 we have been working to understand the world of the Interflora customer – their needs, motivations and buying experience. With our help Interflora have discovered why people choose to buy from them – and why sometimes they don’t. We’ve interviewed florists, customers of their competitors and ran so many tests that we have built a databank of what has worked and what hasn’t.

As a result we have seen improved conversion rates on both mobile and desktop, generating significant increases in revenue, far and away exceeding their investment. Interflora now regularly consult our team and the results from the hundreds of tests we’ve ran when thinking about a new approach or design.

If your CRO programme is not delivering the highest ROI of all of your marketing spend, then we should talk.