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Thompson & Morgan

Helping Thompson and Morgan optimise their user experience boosted NPS as well as making £1.6m in extra sales


With over 12m visitors to our site Thompson and Morgan knew that even a 1% improvement in their conversion rate would yield a great return. To accelerate their current testing programme needed specialist knowledge and creative ideas.


“We would never be able to do this on our own”

One of the insights we uncovered early on was this – Thompson and Morgan’s customers were anxious that the plants they ordered would not arrive in pristine condition. The concern was resulting in a large number of visitors exiting the buying journey. We went to the nub of the problem and talked to the packing team. In fact, the team had a 7-step process the ensure plants arrived in exactly the condition in which they left. Incorporating this process onto the product page – and testing the difference in sales – delivered a 9% uplift.

This successful test and many others that AWA ran delivered  £1.6m of extra sales over two years. It wasn’t only sales that increased as a result of improving the customer experience, their Net Promoter Score increased by 13% too.

If your CRO programme is not delivering the highest ROI of all of your marketing spend, then we should talk.