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Embedding a smarter way to make decisions – as well as generating £400k in extra sales within sixteen weeks


BAM realised that the traffic acquisition efforts were delivering diminishing returns and they didn’t have the time or resources to invest in a full-scale experimentation programme. Their internal programme was generating one test a month and not having the impact they felt a specialist agency could achieve.


“Not only are they experts in their field they are people who we enjoy being part of BAM”

First step was to ensure that their analytics data was producing accurate data, and then to conduct a six-week long deep-dive on the opportunities. The quantitative data pointed us to the problems, the surveys, usability testing and customer interviews showed us why the problem existed. Using our team of copywriters and designers, we tested many iterations of refreshed value proposition. This proposition was directly informed by customers and led to some big, quick gains.

In the first four months AWA ran 21 experiments, with those tests generating £400,000 in incremental sales. On top of that, working with AWA has enabled BAM to embed a culture of experimentation. Team members are encouraged to test their hypotheses and we have helped BAM to avoid losses as well as gain increased sales.

If your CRO programme is not delivering the highest ROI of all of your marketing spend, then we should talk.