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Xero Shoes

Discover how time-poor CEO of Xero Shoes grew his business quickly


Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes and talented internet marketer, realised he simply didn’t have the time to focus on optimising the website for higher sales.


“I chose them as my CRO partner after interviewing lots and lots of people”

Steven knew he wanted to quickly grow his business based on the boom in low-impact running shoes. He also knew the sort of help he needed. By analysing over a million data points AWA helped Steven and his business generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental sales. Experimentation wasn’t just limited to sales increases, but also reducing unnecessary costs. By understanding the issues customers had with choosing their correct size, we reduced returns rates – and the costs – by 39%.

If your CRO programme is not delivering the highest ROI of all of your marketing spend, then we should talk.