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You have growth plans. We bring research and scientific evidence. You get clarity on how to grow – fast. Without betting the farm.


“We have seen double-digit growth year on year”

John Donnellan

EMEA Ecommerce Director
Canon Europe

Make better decisions and innovate more quickly

  • Discover which ideas have the best chance of turning a profit.
  • Find out what your customers actually want, and what they’ll pay for
  • Speed up with hard data instead of gut-feel or endless internal debates

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

“We have seen our conversion rate increase. – it’s also been a lot of fun.”

Claire Dixey

Marketing Manager
Thompson & Morgan

Double or even triple your online revenue

  • Pinpoint exactly where your website is bleeding sales
  • Learn why warm prospects are not buying from you
  • Grow your business month in, month out

Prototyping & Testing

“Without testing and prototyping our proposed solution first we would have wasted millions.”

Hanz Rauch

Senior Product Manager
Woolworths SA

Try before you invest

  • Avoid costly mistakes by testing new ideas with customers before launch
  • Bench mark core business assumptions against customer desires
  • Discover what customers want, rather than what you think they need

Capability Transfer

“AWA have taught us how to do this for ourselves”

Hayley Jones

UX Executive

Own your entire experimentation process

  • Transfer agency know-how and experience in-house
  • Embed experimentation and testing as a core competency for your entire business
  • Create your own experimentation programme without outside support

Client Success

Whether your sales have flatlined or whether you believe your website is bleeding lost revenue we can help

We needed new insights…

“The best research I have seen in 15 years of e-commerce”

Ben Harness, Dunelm

Ben Harness

Director of Multi-Channel

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Maximising profit per visitor was our priority…

“We got back £51 in extra sales for every £1 we spent with AWA”

Adrian Spence, Paperchase

Adrian Spence

Head of E-commerce

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Interested in turning experimentation and testing into an advantage for your entire business?