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AWA Digital

Sophisticated CRO for
big e-commerce.

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What we do

AWA is a world-leading CRO agency. We deliver growth for big e-commerce organisations by accelerating your CRO programme with our advanced methodology. 

This is CRO – but at a whole new level of sophistication. High-velocity programmes, anchored in deep data analysis, delivering double or triple-digit ROI through split testing and experimentation.

Magnificent Returns. Delivered

Obsessing over page layout is basic CRO. It’s “throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks” CRO. 

We generate 10x returns by focusing on optimising the entire sales conversation. It’s more powerful, more sophisticated – and generates exciting results.

You get:

  1. Pinpoint accuracy as to where your website is bleeding sales and why warm prospects are not buying from you
  2. Specific, relevant guidance  – never a “best practice” approach or ‘menu’ of tests run for other clients – your business is unique and so must be your CRO programme
  3. Certainty as to what your customers actually want and what they’ll pay for – to feed this into future marketing and product development
  4. Accelerated growth by expertly using hard data to eliminate gut-feel and energy-sapping  internal debates

We are not only experts at conversion, but also designing highly successful programmes –  tailored around you and your business.

Client Success

Since 2009, we have been helping savvy leaders and senior managers of serious online business to innovate, grow revenues or profits, without overloading them or their team

We wanted a massively successful
direct-to-consumer business across EMEA

“We brought in AWA to run our experimentation programme, to be an extension of our team, to challenge our strategic direction – we have seen double-digit growth year on year.”

John Donnellan, Canon

John Donnellan

EMEA Ecommerce Director
Canon Europe

We needed a fresh perspective…

“AWA did extensive research which allowed us to objectively review what was great about our business. These insights increased revenue far beyond our initial investment.”

Jim Clark, Interflora

Jim Clark

Head of Ecommerce

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We had to move faster…

“AWA got us to where we wanted to be faster, more successfully and profitably than we would have on our own. They have created a real culture of experimentation within the company.”

Ryan Shannon, BAM

Ryan Shannon

Managing Director
Bamboo Clothing

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If your CRO programme is not delivering the highest ROI of all of your marketing spend, then we should talk.