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State of Online Experimentation 2021 Report

What’s in the report?

We have surveyed over 200 experimentation practitioners in both large and small companies and the results are more than surprising.

This 25-page report shines a spotlight on how some companies responded to the pandemic by running more experiments – as well as the number of organisations that reduced their investment in experimentation. 

The report makes a strong case for the importance of online experimentation in unpredictable times – and why leaders should pick data and science over gut instinct and emotion to make the fundamental decisions affecting their company’s culture.

What you’ll learn

  • Whether you are running more or less experiments than other organisations
  • What KPIs (and how many) other people are using to judge the results from their experiments?
  • How many people are in the typical experimentation team, and how it is structured
  • What are the main obstacles organisations have in embedding a culture of experimentation
  • How many organisations are really doing personalisation?

With contributions and insights from experimentation practitioners and commentators, this report is vital to understanding how to embed a culture of experimentation in your business.

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