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Advanced Guide to GA for better CRO results

The Advanced Guide to Google Analytics for better CRO results

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool, constantly evolving and designed to keep up with the needs of modern online businesses. GA is a vital component of any conversion rate optimisation (CRO) programme.

The data and insight GA can produce is important to guiding your CRO efforts and helping to develop exciting ideas to test.

What you’ll learn

In this e-book, AWA’s Head of Analytics, John Barnes, explores seven different ways you can use Google Analytics to get better results for your CRO, increase website conversion and online revenues.

Who is this ebook written for?

  • Heads of Ecommerce or Online Managers as an introduction to using GA for optimisation. This may be a primer for an upcoming project or a sanity check to ensure their existing team/project includes these recommendations.
  • Conversion specialists whose GA skills may not be advanced or want to make a business case for investing further in GA.
  • Ecommerce executives who may be looking for a resource for yourselves or your team.

AWA digital specialise in GA and CRO for ecommerce websites, but you can apply the concepts covered to almost any sector.

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