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Experimentation Works: Practical steps to embed a culture of experimentation

Experimentation Works: Practical steps to embed a culture of experimentation

Keynote: Practical steps to embed an experimentation culture

Experimentation is a hot topic.  Everyone would like to have experimentation culture be part of all their work, but how?  Where does experimentation culture come from?  What are the foundations, that allow it to develop?

In this talk, Craig explains why experimentation culture is only the outcome of doing a whole bunch of other things.  It’s not something that you buy, but something that you earn by working in a new way. Recent research by Forrester and other companies has shown that insight driven businesses are more successful.

This talk will explain why.

Craig Sullivan

Craig has been blending Experimentation, UX, Analytics and Customer Research for over 13 years, powering growth for companies like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Eurostar, Lego, Asos, Facebook and Red Bull.

He has helped over 400 clients to unlock the latent value and growth inside their products or services.  Using a mixture of Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, Analytics, User Research, Experimentation and Cultural Change, he’s found over £4Bn additional revenue for his clients.

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