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In experimentation, what does ‘career progression’ actually mean?

Simon has recently made the switch to a company that is less well known for its culture of experimentation. Simon has joined Whirlpool, from Sky – which has built an enviable reputation for its culture and high values it places on experimentation. As you’ll find out from Simon Whirlpool is far more than a manufacturer of white goods – it’s driving real innovation in people’s homes – in almost every country in the world.

Simon Elsworth, Global Head of Experimentation Whirlpool

In experimentation, what does ‘career progression’ actually mean?

Whatever stage you are in your career, Simon looks at these important questions

  • How do you make your start in experimentation? What skills do you need? What are the pro’s and con’s of agency vs. in-house? How do you get the first test out?
  • What Simon does all day as a senior leader in experimentation
  • Where next and how do we get experimentation a seat at the Board?

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