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Learn how we got 58% more revenue for South Africa’s largest tile retailer

Split Test of the Month – July 2015

As a CRO agency we say that buying should be easy – and every week we uncover ways in which keen online shoppers are thwarted in their efforts to buy. In this split test of the month we focus on how simplifying the buying process and reducing user confusion on a product details page delivered significant uplift.

The issue:

CTM is South Africa’s largest tile retailer. Their website focuses on tiles and requirements for bathrooms. In the test below, changes to the product page, removal of an email capture modal popup and some modifications to the quote view page led to an increase in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) of 58%

Through in-depth usability and analysis, the lead optimiser discovered:

  • Users were checking stock at their local store, and often found it was out of stock there, but this was irrelevant as they were buying online and product was in stock at the central warehouse. This led to decreased conversions.
  • There was confusion between different measurements of how many tiles to use
  • The product page was unnecessarily complex
  • The purchase process was fairly convoluted , and suffered from legacy issues from the offline days when customers would order from their local store, and be given a detailed quote before they bought.

In addition, evidence from usability sessions coupled with Google Analytics data showed that a pop up asking if the user would like the quote emailed to them was being used by less than 10% of users. As it was a required step in the checkout process this also slowed the purchase and reduced conversions.


Our optimiser hypothesised that addressing these sources of confusion on the product page, removing the email capture pop up and making small changes on the quote view page to compensate for these changes would increase conversion rate.

The solution:

After developing wireframes and researching with usability testers, this artwork was developed:

CTM-solution-product CTM-solution-basket

It took 8 weeks for the split test to reach 100% confidence, gaining an increase in RPV of 58%. The lead optimiser said “We showed that a less cluttered product page and checkout flow delivered better conversions. For future tests there is still scope for investigating which is the best metric for measuring tiles and how we can replicate more of the education that comes from in-store sale assistants.”

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