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Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles

Welcome to the Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles. Here you will find all sorts of current, useful information that our team source and share. We can help.

24 May 2016

Guest post: Why mobile matters more than ever in 2016

Two billion mobile transactions will take place in 2019 (Econsultancy, April 2016).

Nobody can deny mobile’s place as the first, and most important screen in our lives. Last year for the first time mobile sales accounted for more than 50% of total retail sales (IMRG, February 2016). This trend was especially notable in peak sales periods, including Black Friday, where 57% more visits to ecommerce sites came from a mobile device, double that seen in 2014.

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17 May 2016

Is your new ecommerce website letting you down?

It’s here at last - your brand new, shiny, all singing-all-dancing website. And yet sales have plummeted. Why? And what can you do about it?

Firstly rule out any obvious technical issues. If your web traffic has dried up, it could be because your web pages haven’t been properly indexed, which means your organic rankings have dropped as a result.

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10 May 2016

Why there’s no such thing as too much data in CRO

In a recent article, I shared the four pillars of a successful CRO programme. One of the comments was “Why does AWA use so many techniques when you're only looking for answers to four questions?”.

It’s a great question.

In fact, we have a suite of 32 techniques which we use when optimising ecommerce websites. Nine of these we use on ALL our CRO projects and the remaining ones we sometimes use, depending on the project.

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5 May 2016

Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – May 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I share the latest news from testing panel tool WhatUsersDo; report on new updates launched by SurveyGizmo that make it easier to analyse and share survey data; look behind the scenes at Optimizely’s latest tech development; and congratulate Clicktale on its industry award.

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20 April 2016

The four pillars of successful Conversion Rate Optimisation

Done correctly, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is one of the most profitable marketing tools any online business can use. Yet often, we find that organisations get distracted by the excitement of seeing a successful split test rather than the fundamentals that go in to creating the split test in the first place.

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6 April 2016

Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – April 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I take a look at Qubit’s next generation tag management tool; review HotJar’s upgraded recording feature; lament the retirement of Concept Feedback and preview a three-day virtual conference taking place later this month.

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10 March 2016

How to stop technical glitches ruining your split tests

Split testing is a vital part of any web optimisation programme because it’s proof that you’re making improvements that will bring in higher revenues.

But split tests can also be the weak link in the chain. If there’s a technical fault with the split test, you won’t be able to bank the profits.

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4 March 2016

Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – March 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I report on Qubit securing $40 million of funding; a new interface for Visual Website Optimizer’s Multivariate Testing tool; the launch of Clicktale for Apps; and a new feature from Ethnio that will make it easier to recruit testers on your patch.

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19 February 2016

Don’t launch your new ecommerce website until you’ve read this

It’s almost D-Day. After months of hard work, your brand new ecommerce website is finally about to go live. While you can’t wait to flick the switch and see your new website in action, there’s also anxiety. What if the new site doesn’t bring in the stella sales predicted?

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