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Thursday 16 September, 2021 3-4:30pm BST


Lukas Vermeer

Director of Experimentation at Vistaprint

Previously the Director of Experimentation at, Lukas helps thousands of people run experiments to make better decisions and better products.

Talk – Kickstarting and keeping the A/B testing momentum

It takes a flywheel to fly. 

The Experimentation Evolution Model was developed in 2017, detailing the stages from ‘walk’ to ‘fly’. Although the Experimentation Evolution Model has the right ingredients, it’s what and how you cook them that determines how successful the evolution will be.

To experience the full benefit of A/B testing, organizations need to evolve both technically and culturally, and this needs to happen in an iterative way. One of the best ways to describe this iterative path to “Fly” stage is by using a Flywheel.

In this talk Lukas will discuss the flywheel model that helps companies drive their evolution towards a stronger data-driven experimentation culture.