Our social responsibility

We believe that success is a responsibility as well as a privilege. Here’s how we give something back:

  1. We give away our money – 5% of our profits are given to one charity each year. Last year this was York Mind. Based in York, this charity provides training and recovery-based services to individuals with mental health problems
  2. We give away our time – All members of staff have it written into their contracts that they are entitled to spend five days a year working on community projects
  3. We give away our expertise – Every six months we give away a free CRO Toolkit and Training service (worth £4,000) to a bona fide charity. If you are charity and would like us to help you please get in touch.

What to
do next…

1. Download free CRO resources

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2. Buy ‘E-commerce Website Optimization’ 

Amazon business book, co-written by AWA’s CEO and COO, Dan Croxen-John and Johann van Tonder. Buy on Amazon

3. Call us and ask how we would optimise your site

What help do you need? A little extra resource to help your team code up split tests faster, or make sense of analytics? Or a full service optimisation agency, able to handle international websites? Just call 020 7887 2695 and ask for a quote.