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Partnership status is only awarded after rigorous investigation by the partner company to ensure the highest level of expertise

Founded by Director of Analytics for the 2008 Obama campaign , Optimizely is described as “the world’s leading experience optimization platform”. AWA was one of the first agency partners, which gives us priority access to their technical team. When we won an award for our expertise in building complex tests on Optimizely they sent a personalised cake to the AWA offices to congratulate us.

VWO is one of the leading A/B test platforms worldwide. AWA is the only Premium Partner (a higher level than the standard partnership program) in both the UK and South Africa. This is testament to our advanced capabilities in building split tests and using VWO research tools such as heatmaps, session recording and user feedback.

Qubit’s suite of tools specifically designed for omnichannel businesses integrates analytics, segmentation, A/B testing and web personalisation. As one of the first agency partners to be signed by Qubit, all our team have advanced technical skills and receive regular refresher courses on new developments.

Google Optimize lowers the cost of split-testing to zero. With easy integration with Google Analytics and a familiar interface, Google Optimize is our go-to tool if budgets are limited and simple tests need to be run. We have been launching split-tests on this platform since its launch, and had some great sales uplifts, including a 41% sales uplift for a multichannel hifi retailer.

Proven to be one of the fastest split testing tools on the market, and one of the most privacy conscious, Convert is a powerful, flexible A/B testing tool. Like 5000 other brands, Convert is our tool of choice for clients looking to grow through experimentation. As an agency partner, AWA have access to, and experience using, their powerful split testing features.

Focused on the needs of retailers, Monetate launched their a Customer Experience Optimization and Personalisation Platform in 2008, and work with some of best known retailers – ePatagonia, Best Buy, Macy’s, QVC, Helly Hansen and The North Face. AWA, as a Monetate partner, is skilled in creating the most sophisticated personalisation experiments, and used this platform to help the Royal Mint sell more gold bullion.

Easy to use and with useful research tools, such as heat maps and session recording, bundled into the platform, AB Tasty aims to offer a one-stop shop for CRO professionals. AB Tasty has been used by over 2,500 companies including HP, Allianz, Cartier and Jaguar. AB Tasty only works with agencies with the technical capability to code sophisticated and challenging tests, and AWA is one of them.

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