Meet our industry partners

AWA digital works with some of the best CRO tool providers in the world. Here are some of our partners.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and AWA


VWO have appointed us as the only Premium Partner in two territories: the UK and South Africa. This is a higher level than the standard partnership program, in recognition of our expertise and proven CRO methodology.

Best known as an A/B testing tool, VWO also offers a full-service CRO research platform which includes heatmaps, session recording and user feedback. VWO is one of the leading testing platforms with clients worldwide including Virgin Holidays, Disney and Majestic Wines.

How AWA can help if you’re using, or thinking of using, VWO

All our optimisers and split test developers have been trained by VWO so we can help you make full use of all the functionality and features. In addition, we have priority access thanks to our special relationship with VWO's technical support team.

Whether you’re already running split tests, or you’re just getting started, talk to AWA digital about getting additional optimisation support and solutions from qualified professionals to get the most from your VWO account. Call us on 020 7887 2695 or take a look at our conversion optimisation services.

Qubit and AWA


As founder members of the Qubit agency partnership program, our team has undergone strategic and technical training to use Qubit and receive regular refresher courses on new developments. 

“Because of the technical skills that AWA are able to offer with their developers, we have been able to do pretty complex tests that we weren’t able to do prior to that.”  - Clare Dixey, Thompson & Morgan, Qubit client.

Built around the needs of the omnichannel business, Qubit’s suite of tools integrates analytics, segmentation, A/B testing and web personalisation and is trusted by leading ecommerce businesses such as TopShop, John Lewis and Staples.

How AWA can help if you’re using, or thinking of using, Qubit

If you’re using Qubit and would like to increase your testing momentum and complexity, please get in touch with us. AWA digital can help you get the most from Qubit by working alongside you and your team. Call us on 020 7887 2695 or see our conversion optimisation services.

Optimizely and AWA


AWA were one of the first partners of Optimizely, “the world’s leading experience optimization platform”. It has been used to provide website and mobile A/B testing and personalisation over 6,000 of the world’s leading brands including The Guardian, Sony and Secret Escapes.

Since we started working with Optimizely, the platform has refined its stats engine, and led the way in developing tools for mobile and app optimisation and personalisation.

How AWA can help if you’re using, or thinking of using, Optimizely

optimizely-developer-certified.pngoptimizely-platform-certified.pngAll our optimiser and split test developers are certified on the Optimizely split testing platform,and we have particular expertise when it comes to developing complex tests. In fact, not only have we won an award for advanced use of Optimizely, the company has also personally congratulated us and sent a customised cake to the AWA offices!

Given our long-standing relationship with Optimizely, we have priority access to their technical support team allowing us to resolve any issues quickly and professionally.

If you want help building complex tests or venture into personalisation using the Optimizely platform, talk to us about adding strategic and executional support. Call us on 020 7887 2695 or take a look at our wide range of
conversion optimisation services.

Optimizely logo.jpg            Optimizely Partners Day.jpg
Optimizely Partners Day 

SessionCam and AWA

sessioncam_logo.pngSession recordings and heatmaps play an important role in our proprietary conversion rate optimisation framework, AWACS. SessionCam is a market leader in this space and goes beyond standard reporting by providing AI-driven insights that help us uncover opportunities.

Our tool specialists are experienced in setting up SessionCam while our optimisers and data scientists know how to get the most lucrative insights from it. Call us on 020 7887 2695 for advice with SessionCam or your broader optimisation programme.

Other Conversion Optimisation Tools

Below are some of the many tools we can help you use effectively in your CRO projects.

Google-logo.png balsamiq-logo.png clicktale-logo-2016.png crazy-egg-logo.png
effective-experiments-logo.png ethnio-logo.jpg eyequantlogo.png foresee_logo.png
formisimo-logo.png google-analytics-logo.png Google Content Experiments google-tag-manager-logo.png
hotjar-logo.jpg hubspot-logo.png ibm-digital-analytics-logo.png invision-logo.png
iperceptions_logo.png mouseflow-logo.png lucky-orange-logo.png notable-logo.png
optimal-workshop-logo.png oracle-maxymiser-logo.png qualaroo-logo.png sessioncam_logo.png
survey-gizmo-logo.png SurveyMonkey.png tableau-logo.png tealium-logo.png
typeform-logo.png unbounce-logo.png usabilityhub-logo.png usabilla-logo.png
UserTesting_logo.jpg  whatusersdo-logo.jpg    

How AWA can help if you’re using, or thinking of using, these tools

Our optimisers have years of experience using these tools to get the most out of your visitors. If you’re looking for help with any of these tools, email for support, training and advice tailored to your needs.

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