We deliver a proven uplift on sales for our clients thanks to our proven AWA Conversion System™

The AWA Conversion System™ is a proven 5-step process that we developed to bring a structure and a certainty to Conversion Rate Optimisation.

According to a recent Econsultancy report, "having a structured approach has consistently been one of the best predictors that companies will have improved conversion and sales".

You can use our system free of charge with your own in-house team, as all five steps are described in detail below. All they have to do is to follow each step, in the right order, and apply the learning.

We are also happy to train or mentor your own team to correctly use the AWA Conversion System™.

In terms of return on investment, it represents an average of £51 in extra revenue for every £1 you spend with us – an impressive 5,010% ROI.

The AWA Conversion System™

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process is unique to AWA and comprises 5 key stages.


Stage 1 - Tool set up

During our first meeting we understand and agree your business objectives. Depending on the objectives and scope of the project, we carefully select from a range of tools that we help us discover exactly how your website visitors behave and their experience.

To understand the visitor journey we sometimes have to re-configure your existing tools, whether that is Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics or WebTrends.

Customer Journey

At the same time, we will be setting up new tools. Tools are constantly changing and evolving, with new ones coming on the market all the time. We stay up to date with the latest tools and use our own website as a test bed for lots of new tools as we come across them.

These tools will help us answer the question ‘why are my website visitors leaving?’.

We have a team dedicated to getting these tools in place as quickly as possible. The faster the tools are working and producing the data we need to analyse the quicker our conversion optimisers can get to work.

Stage 2 - Insight generation

With the right tools in place, we are ready to start learning more about your website visitors and the crucial difference between what they expect from your website and what it actually delivers.

Analysing the visitor journey we can see where potential customers are dropping out and most importantly where those key points are. Just like Columbo we forensically examine a massive amount of data using a range of over 26 different data sources.

At the early stages, we don’t know where the most valuable insights might spring from. They could come from analysing the search terms that people use on your website or out of interviews with your best customers or through spending valuable time talking to your call centre team who speak to your customers every day.


At the heart of our investigation is the need to answer these four fundamental questions:

  • Why did your customers choose you?
  • Why did they nearly not choose you?
  • Where are potential customers falling out of the process?
  • Why are they leaving at this stage?

Stage 3 - Triage™

Methodology - Triage

At this point in the process there is a huge amount of data and no shortage of ideas for improvements on your website.

For many businesses, this can feel like ‘drowning in data’.

Our ability to cut a path through the all this data and make the correct judgment on what is important and what isn’t is a fundamental part of the AWA Conversion System™.

We call this stage Triage™, a term taken from the Napoleonic Wars. Medical staff on the battlefield identified who could be saved and who would benefit from medical treatment, and those that sadly wouldn’t.

We have to concentrate on improvements that will deliver the biggest wins – and we have to do this quickly.

The ability to correctly evaluate the impact of a change to website or online operation is one of our key capabilities – developed over years of working with multichannel businesses and running millions of tests.

The potential impact of a change needs to be judged against the strength of the evidence – sometimes it will be overwhelming, other times less so.


YES– Improvements likely to bring the biggest and juiciest returns in the fastest time. These are the most exciting.

BUNDLE – Each one has potential, but individually is too small to be capable of strong uplift. It may be possible to cluster several together to become as rewarding as YES opportunities.

PARK – These represent improvements that may turn into YES or BUNDLE, but more analysis, research and hypothesis is needed to be sure. They are a low priority.

NO – These should be avoided to prevent a slippery and painful bump

Stage 4 - Optimisation plan

The Triage™ analysis leads into the development of the Optimisation Plan, This is our roadmap of hypotheses we would like to test using split-testing. This plan is based on research, facts, evidence and empirical data, not guesswork.

Clients often tell us that the hypotheses we develop are something they would never have thought of testing.

For example, research may show that your ‘lowest price guarantee’ is a key motivator for new customers but many don’t notice it. We would then develop hypotheses to present the guarantee in a different way, through better design, creative work and positioning on the site.

Alternatively analysis could reveal that valuable visitors are confused about your offering. In this case we would develop a hypothesis to explain the products or the value proposition more clearly.

Our split-testing tools are incredibly powerful and hassle-free. Often, we can test two different treatments - of say a home page, category page or product page - with no extra code for your website development team or company.

Optimisation Plan

Our Optimisation Plan is not fixed in stone. If we get super-extraordinary results from testing one hypothesis, our experience tells us that there are even more results to be gained from fine-tuning this further. Therefore we may refine and develop the Optimisation Plan as time goes on.

Stage 5 - Creative execution

This stage of the AWA Conversion System™ is designed to give your split-tests the very best chance of delivering the double or triple-digit sales uplifts.

Our specialist designers and copywriters are experts in producing effective wireframes and web page designs, which fully support your brand but also have the potential to improve sales.

Before we launch our split-test we get vital feedback on our wireframes, copy and new designs - using the whole AWA optimisation team, eye-tracking tools and getting input from your customer-facing teams. This feedback is critical to help us shape how the new webpage will be laid out, and the words that are used as well as how it looks.

When the split-test results are statistically valid we review the Optimisation Plan and decide whether to launch the next test or see whether we can get significant further uplifts from the current test by making further alterations to the winning variation.

Creative Execution

This creates a virtuous circle of constant improvement, as well as helping us achieve a substantial uplift in sales in the shortest possible time.

Why our system is better and different

The AWA Conversion System™ is at the core of how we deliver double- or even triple-digit increases in sales.

It offers you:

  • A clear understanding of what your existing customers value about your business as well as how to persuade potential customers to place that important first order
  • Accurate, evidence-based guidance on what improvements to test first, what to ignore and what needs further research
  • The curiosity, the courage and commercial acumen to ask revealing questions
  • A comprehensive range of over 26 techniques and data sources so you can be sure of the strength and accuracy of our recommendations
  • A unique and proven prioritisation process - Triage™ so we only implement changes that are going to give you extraordinary results
  • A tight grasp on online merchandising and how to increase basket size by analysing high-performing products and categories
  • Reduced expense and risk - we ensure our tests have a high probability of success before you spend a penny on development
  • A simple and easy-to-use process that is guaranteed to work. We are constantly improving the process and will support you if you want to utilise it yourself

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