History of AWA

AWA began life as one of the UK’s first analytics agencies, back in 2009 when Google Analytics was the geeky new kid on the tech block. At the time AWA’s founder, Dan Croxen-John had been running several online retailers. He was quick to spot this new tool’s potential to inform business decisions that would translate into meaty profits.

AWA’s first clients quickly saw some healthy sales uplifts, and the company grew. However, it soon became apparent that more was needed – not just the data, but a complete optimisation service. As one client said, “It’s fine to have the insights, but I need you to tell me how to use them – and ideally do it for me”.

Complete website optimization service

Two years after AWA first opened its doors, the company re-branded as a fully fledged website optimization agency. By this time we had also opened an office in South Africa and another was soon to come in the USA.

Together, AWA’s team of optimizers, creatives and technical experts developed the unique 5 step conversion system that we still use today. It’s been used to get tasty results on websites all over the world, including China, USA, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain and Holland. Every three months the system is fine tuned when we all get together and review what’s working well and where it can be improved.

Mouthwatering sales increases

From day one, the AWA Conversion System™ has shown an average return on investment of 5,010% (yes, that’s over 5,000 percent). In other words, for every £1 AWA clients have invested, they’ve seen £51 of extra sales going back on the bottom line.

If you hanker after results like that, we’d love to talk to you. There are lots of ways we can support your own conversion rate optimisation, from research and analytics or technical back up to the all-singing, all-dancing complete CRO service. Just give us a call on 020 7887 2695 or email info@awa-digital.com.


What to
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