Enjoy confidence in your Analytics data

It’s crucial that your Analytics setup supplies insights you can trust. Our Analytics Services offer you exactly that.

When gauging the effectiveness of your company’s analytics programme, ask yourself:

If your analytics data is inaccurate or incomplete, you risk making decisions that actually hurt your business. An astonishing 90% of all the analytics accounts we audited have fundamental issues that needed to be addressed.

This is why all AWA projects — whether CRO or analytics-focused — begin with an Analytics Healthcheck. AWA digital has specialised in analytics since our founding, and it remains at the core of all our work.

If you suspect your analytics setup isn’t sound, please request a Healthcheck. You can speak to our Head of Analytics on +44 (0)20 7887 2695 for an informal chat, get in touch here, or download a Sample Report to see exactly what you’ll get.

Our full range of analytics services means you can be confident in your data

Below are our most frequently implemented project types. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch — it’s very likely we can still help.

Google Analytics Healthcheck

90% of Google Analytics accounts are poorly set up, fail to track key data points, or violate privacy legislation by tracking Personally Identifiable Information. Yours could be one of them.

What’s more, poor analytics configuration often results in inaccurate, incomplete, or “dirty” data. Making decisions based on unreliable data could be hurting your business and costing you money.

The Healthcheck is a detailed 23-page audit to check whether or not your analytics and tracking are correctly installed, configured, and providing accurate findings.

You receive an easy-to-understand report that uses a simple, green-yellow-red “traffic light” system to show you what’s set up correctly, what isn’t, and what fixes to prioritise. Your audit also includes guidelines on how to remedy the issues yourself, if you don’t want us to fix them.

Our Google Analytics Healthcheck costs £500+vat.

To learn more about your Google Analytics Healthcheck:

  • Download a Sample Report to see exactly what you’ll get
  • Request your Healthcheck – contact us or call us on +44 (0)20 7887 2695

Ongoing Analytics Support – most popular

Finding talented analytics people isn’t easy. Sometimes you don’t have quite enough work to justify a full-time hire, or you’re looking to train an existing member of your team.

Your ongoing AWA Analytics arrangement solves these problems. In addition, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your expenses – Costs and resources for larger projects can be spread over a longer time period
  • Benefit from our expertise – Get access to analytics experts who work across a large client base and can guide you in developing your analytics strategy
  • Enjoy open-ended flexibility – You can choose a number of support days per month, and use this time for different projects or business needs as they arise. If your needs change, you can easily increase or reduce the number of days
  • Improve your in-house team – Over time, your in-house team will learn from our work together. We’ve found this to be the most effective way to improve GA knowledge and ability. Plus, it allows you to get a mini-analytics department set up internally, without the headaches of recruitment or people management
  • Keep your knowledge up-to-date – Stay at the forefront of developments in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio and other Google products. Learn how to use these new features and leverage them for your business
  • Build a long-lasting, capable analytic process – During your ongoing work with AWA, we’ll help you implement reliable, repeatable processes that set you up for future success
  • Sleep peacefully knowing you’re covered – Because your analytics configuration is maintained by a GA expert, you can stop scrambling to keep up with Google

During the course of an engagement, we’re often asked to create a bespoke Measurement Plan for the business, manage and troubleshoot the deployment of tags, design and roll out custom reports and dashboards, and recommend additional tracking to yield further insight into visitor behaviour.

Fees for ongoing support begin at £2,000 per month, and are purchased in six-month blocks.

To extend your analytics skills on an ongoing basis, contact us or call us on +44 (0)20 7887 2695


One-off Analytics Projects – for critical fixes & occasional help

Maybe you’ve recently launched a new website and suffered a sudden dip in conversion, and you can’t get to the bottom of what has happened. Or you might be struggling to see the forest for the trees, so you need an analytics agency to help you understand the trends and patterns in your website data.

No matter your investment in ongoing analytics, sometimes you may just need some extra assistance. The AWA analytics team works flexibly to help you at critical points.

Our recent one-off projects include:

  • Measurement planning
  • KPI planning
  • Custom reporting, visualisation and dashboard set up
  • New web property or mobile app tracking implementation
  • Debugging and investigation where tracking has either stopped or is wrong

Fees for one-off analytics projects start at £1,000 per day. Once we have enough information to determine how long the project will take, we will provide you with a Statement of Work detailing our charges and the work involved.

If you have an analytics problem that need solving, please get in touch. Contact us or call us on +44 (0)20 7887 2695


Enhanced Ecommerce – For advanced insight

Correctly installed, Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce reports and insight go far beyond standard ecommerce tracking. You’ll learn about every action your customer takes leading up to the point of purchase, as well as returns and refunds.

Among other benefits, Enhanced Ecommerce enables you to…

  • Identify which products have untapped potential to be bestsellers – Take advantage of products that get a lot of views, but not a lot of basket adds
  • Assess the performance of onsite promotions – It’s a cinch compared to doing this in standard GA
  • Run reports on items that visitors remove from the basket – So you can merchandise more effectively, reduce your returns rate, and increase overall revenue

Setting up Enhanced Ecommerce can be a complex project, so we recommend using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to reduce setup time.

How does it work? First, we define a measurement plan and then translate this into a dataLayer, which captures the additional data we’ll use to populate Enhanced Ecommerce. Once the dataLayer is in place, we configure GTM to collect and package up the data and send it to GA.

After making admin changes in GA, your Enhanced Ecommerce reports will be available and will start collecting data. We will then provide you with training on exactly how to use these new features and reports.

Fees for Enhanced Ecommerce projects start at £1,000 per day. Once we have enough information to determine how long the project will take, we will provide you with a Statement of Work detailing our charges and the work involved.

To see if Enhanced Ecommerce is a good fit for your business, contact us or call us on +44 (0)20 7887 2695. Alternatively, click here to learn more about Enhanced Ecommerce.


Leading brands choose us for 2 simple reasons

1. We’re a Google Marketing Platform Partner

To achieve Google Marketing Platform Partner status, we were required to demonstrate a high degree of expertise in advanced analytics and show a measurable impact on our clients. Our certification is your guarantee that the solutions and service you receive from us are on par with Google’s own high standards.

2. Our Analytics team are all experts

Every member of our team is qualified in Google Analytics (GA). Plus, our expertise extends beyond GA to the Enterprise Analytics 360 Suite and other tools contained in the Google Analytics “stack”, such as:

  • Tag management via Google Tag Manager
  • Data visualisation and dashboarding via Google Data Studio
  • A/B split testing and optimisation via Google Optimize

From simple debugging and troubleshooting to complex measurement, implementations, and data-backed split testing — we do it all.

Meet one of our Analytics experts

John Barnes, Analytics Specialist

Data scientist and coffee connoisseur John heads our Analytics team, and regularly attends the Google Analytics summit in San Francisco. The summit provides early access to new features and updates to the entire Google Analytics product stack, meaning John is always ahead of the game.

“Money well spent. If you are serious about understanding your website data, call AWA”

“We wanted to work with a web analytics agency that understood our sector – clothing, sports and multi-channel retailing, as well as a team that had sound values and tell it like it is. We choose AWA for these reasons.

howies is an active clothing company making higher quality, lower impact products for sports and day-to-day. Our website has evolved over five years. We were keen to know if our Google tracking was correctly configured, focus our view to the important metrics and improve customer experience.

AWA has been invaluable in helping us improve our online activity and develop our offering internationally. If you are serious about understanding the power of your website data, call them and from the outset you will be making progress. It was money well spent.”

Ade Gunn
Commercial Director


… and ensure your Google Analytics account isn’t among the 90% of accounts
configured incorrectly

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