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A visual map of your landing page

Find out what your visitors really notice on your site. What grabs their attention? Where do their eyes linger?  And what important things are they ignoring?

Your free EyeTracking report uses state-of-the-art algorithms to replicate traditional laboratory eye-tracking with 90% accuracy and contains these three maps:

Perception Map

Perception map

Attention Map

Attention map

Hot Spots

Hot spots map

  • Perception Map Discover what visitors see in the first 3 seconds. Does your key benefit jump out at them?  Or are you losing them before you’ve had a chance to make your pitch?
  • Attention Map Find out what really captures the attention of your visitors. Red areas show the parts they linger on. Do these areas reflect your key brand and sales messages?
  • Hot Spots Map See the 10 most attention-grabbing spots of your design. Large circles indicate great visibility. Are your key messages being seen?

Your FREE Eyetracking Report is a fascinating way to see your site in a new light. Request yours report now – free of charge and with no obligation – and it will be sent to your inbox shortly.

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