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34.7% Sales Uplift from Just One Split Test

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Northern Parrots

Northern Parrots is the UK’s largest retailer of food, toys and accessories for parrots. Owner and MD Mike Taylor said “A number of experts had looked at our site before AWA and they all said our home page was so good it couldn’t be improved. AWA were confident they could achieve good results, so they guaranteed us a minimum uplift of 20%. We decided to give it a try as we had nothing to lose.”

What we did

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We discovered invaluable psychological insights

Crucial to this project was in-depth research to gain a full understanding of their customers. Multiple data sources were used including analytics, heat maps, scroll maps, click maps, UX, surveys and customer research.

Intense love

It became clear that parrot owners are a very special breed, and feel an intense bond of affection for their pet. When buying commodity items like food, they go straight to the product they need. However, they also enjoy shopping for items to pamper their beloved bird. The existing home page made it easy for visitors to buy food, but was not optimised to tempt browsers and help them discover exciting new toys and treats.

We improved product details

Rather than changing one element at a time, AWA implemented one big, bold new design based on all the fascinating research insights.

Key changes included a ‘browsing box’ with interactive search, a strong value proposition statement and endorsement by a vet. Navigation was changed to match popular conversion paths. The page was designed specifically for PC users who made up the majority of customers.

We created phenomenal sales uplifts

The two home pages were split tested, with half of all visitors seeing the old and half seeing the new – but neither were aware they were in a test. The experiment ran for three weeks, after which time the new page showed a site-wide increase in revenue of 34.7% for PC users.

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Gold award

This test beat off 136 other entrants from all over the world to scoop a Gold for Best Home Page in the WhichTestWon Awards. Judges were impressed that such a huge uplift was achieved from a top-of-funnel page and praised the design for successfully balancing a strong message with navigation and images.

“The results speak for themselves. Now AWA has proved themselves we look forward to achieving even better results with them in future.”

Mike Taylor
Northern Parrots

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