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Dunelm CRO Case Study

Dunelm | Retail Sector | AWA client since 2015

The Best Research Dunelm Has Seen

Dunelm is one of the UK’s leading home furnishing retailers, with 150 stores and an ambitious programme of store openings.

Home delivery had been identified as a target for growth. Traditionally most effort had been focused on getting more visitors to the site, but costs were rising and results declining. Conversion Rate Optimisation was the obvious choice to start getting more return on the investment in traffic.

What we did

We provided a return on investment

Dunelm turned to AWA to kick start the process. Director of Multi-Channel, Ben Harness, explained “We had picked most of our low hanging fruit in terms of site changes. We now needed to up the game in terms of real intelligence and real scrutiny in terms of the site and how we can effectively drive that revenue per visitor.”

We performed in-depth research

Dunelm were surprised by the depth and breadth of AWA’s research which included:

We created a great outcome

User journeys for tablet, desktop and mobile highlighted exactly where most visitors were dropping out, while surveys and actual quotes from numerous customers helped shed light on why, which put Dunelm in a strong position to create a cost-effective CRO programme.

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“It was excellent. That then informed the plan. We had some targets at the start, we tested what we wanted, achieved our plan and had a great outcome from it. All in all, it was very smooth and very positive. I’d be more than happy to recommend and to advocate the work that AWA has done for Dunelm.”

Ben Harness

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