Guest post: Why mobile matters more than ever in 2016

Two billion mobile transactions will take place in 2019 (Econsultancy, April 2016).

Nobody can deny mobile’s place as the first, and most important screen in our lives. Last year for the first time mobile sales accounted for more than 50% of total retail sales (IMRG, February 2016). This trend was especially notable in peak sales periods, including Black Friday, where 57% more visits to ecommerce sites came from a mobile device, double that seen in 2014.

The message from consumers is clear: retailers need to ensure mobile sites and apps are optimised to fully capitalise on peak periods.

During peak, and particularly when discount days like Black Friday are in play, customers are looking to make a purchase, and are living in the moment, so making their progress easy is key to landing sales.

This “convenience” factor is especially key on mobile. Customers now “snack” on their mobiles, making little purchases often throughout the day. Brands have to make the entire experience on mobile frictionless to ensure they keep their customers in the funnel and convert them at the other end. Some have even eschewed the basket altogether, such as “Tinder for fashion” app Grabble, who let customers purchase item by item, instead of allowing them to build a large basket and be put off by the higher total cost (Fashion & Mash, April 2016).

Putting as few steps as possible between your customers and the checkout is vital to keeping them engaged. The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish, and experiences have to be breezy to ensure visitors remain committed to their purchase throughout the funnel (The Telegraph, May 2015).

Rapidly, the mobile is becoming the arbiter of our world. For 6% of people it has replaced their wallet, for 14% their home computer, for 22% their diary and for 29% their watch (Econsultancy, May 2016).

With that in mind the best experiences on offer are changing all the time, with new innovations constantly pushing expectations higher. Forms are becoming shorter, shipping times are being flagged up earlier and the experience is being shamed to expedite the customer journey.

Mobile is set to take the starring role in 2016. It fits best into consumers lives and after creeping ahead of competing channels last year, looks set for domination this year. Customer attention is finite and the experiences they will respond to have to be first-class. The best brands are already optimising to deliver them.

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Qubit is the pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences. By bringing together analytics, data and experience management, their digital experience hub offers a blank canvas for businesses to defy tomorrow’s expectations. Their infrastructure is built from the ground up to deliver an integrated workflow, so that teams can work more fluidly together and intelligent customer experiences can be delivered across every brand touchpoint. They’re trusted by the biggest brands in ecommerce including TOPSHOP, John Lewis, Emirates, Uniqlo and Staples. To date, they have received over $76 million in funding from Goldman Sachs, Accel, Sapphire Ventures, Balderton Capital and Salesforce Ventures.



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