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Why is it important that buying should be easy?

At AWA what gets us all out of bed is the chance to make buying easy, well it should be, shouldn’t it? Making something easy is rarely, err, easy.

We use an approach to this, called conversion rate optimisation; a scientific approach to getting inside the heads of your website visitors, developing exciting hypotheses to test and then using split-tests to validate.

Watch our CEO, Dan Croxen-John, talk about why he thinks making buying easy is so important:

We’ve been buying online for almost 20 years now, and what’s surprising is how frustrating that experience still is. There’s at least two reasons why it’s frustrating:

  • It’s sometimes very difficult to find what you’re looking for online
  • It’s difficult to distinguish why you should buy from one website or retailer and not another

There’s likely more reasons why it’s still so frustrating buying online, but it doesn’t have to be. If a website is easy to buy from, it means:

  • Your customers can quickly and easily buy what they came to you for
  • It’s a pleasurable experience for your customers. If the experience is frustrating, it may be enough to put off a customer from returning
  • It won’t use your customers valuable time, meaning they can move on to many other things

Read our ebook below to learn more about how the three power metrics – win rate x effect x velocity – can make your conversion programme a success alongside ensuring your website is easy to buy from.


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