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VWO Dynamic Heatmaps to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Most regular readers of this blog will know that heatmaps serve as one of the best qualitative tools to collect relevant customer data, especially in terms of understanding their actual behaviour across your website.

Ecommerce websites are often highly dynamic in nature. They have more interactive elements and dynamically populated content than any other kind of site. But these pages shed visitor interaction and information, which typically serves as the primary data for businesses to use to draw page performance conclusions, find elemental distractions, and improve overall customer experience. They are also often key pages at the bottom of the conversion funnel.

However, it can be very difficult to get good heatmap reports on these dynamic pages.

Until VWO launched dynamic heatmaps. Unlike static heatmaps which can only be plotted on static web pages, dynamic heatmaps from VWO give you the leverage of studying real time customer behaviour on pages which are beyond the scope of other analytics tools.

VWO tools blog image

VWO’s Dynamic Heatmaps let you easily see what’s happening on non-static pages

In other words, dynamic heatmaps can be easily plotted on live websites with dynamic URLs such as My Profile, Orders, Cart, Account Settings, etc. to gather in-depth customer activity data.

This is a powerful weapon in your data-gathering armoury as these are some of the most important pages that you want to optimise. While some tools can do it, the process is often convoluted, takes a while to set up and takes just that one page in isolation.

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