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Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles

Welcome to the Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles. Here you will find all sorts of current, useful information that our team source and share. We can help.

Articles about AWA digital - Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO - Blog | Google Analytics

16 October 2017

Is Your Website Ready for Christmas? (Video)

The Christmas season is a crucial time for any e-commerce business, but it’s never too late to start preparing your site to make the most of the additional traffic at this time of year.

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30 March 2017

Ecommerce Conversion World 2017: Highlights & Photos

Around fifty of the UK’s leading Ecommerce professionals gathered in London last week for the first Ecommerce Conversion World conference.

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17 December 2015

Best of CRO: This year’s top 5 AWA blogs

As another year draws to a close, it feels like the entire blogosphere is full of listicle blogs compiling the best, and worst, of the internet in 2016. Here at AWA we’ve jumped on the band wagon and compiled our own ‘top 5’ CRO articles from the AWA blog.

In case you missed them first time round, we’ve collated the top 5 most-read blog posts of 2015 in our rundown. Each one of them tackles a different element of Conversion Rate Optimisation – showing just how broad the interest in this topic is.

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19 August 2015

What is Enhanced Ecommerce and how do you get it?

Online customers are a frustrating lot. Before they buy, they flit from one web page to another, look at the site on different devices, and even put the same product in and out of the basket several times. How can you make sense of it?

Help is at hand. Enhanced Ecommerce, one of the star features of new Universal Analytics (UA) tracks it all for you.

Enhanced Ecommerce is just a small part of the magnificent data-gathering machine that is UA. It was introduced in May 2014 in response to the phenomenal growth of ecommerce over the last few years.

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15 July 2015

What is Universal Analytics?

In April next year, Google will no longer be supporting Google Analytics (GA). Classic GA will be deprecated and instead, you are advised to upgrade to their new platform, Universal Analytics (UA) which became the standard on April 2014.

They’ve done this because GA was so old it was creaking at the seams, and simply not fit for purpose any more. They’d patched and cobbled, but in the end the only way to give E-commerce Directors all over the world the data they were asking for was to start from scratch with something new.

In particular, GA was never really going to be fit for purpose at giving a complete picture of visitor behaviour across multiple devices and offline as well as online.

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30 October 2014

Halloween Special: 5 Conversion Rate Optimisation tricks – and 1 treat

Triple digit online sales uplifts are like ghosts – everyone talks about them, but few have ever seen them.

Unlike ghosts, massive sales increases don’t just appear out of the fog, they are created by smart human beings, systematically following a process.

So, as the witching hour of Halloween approaches, here are a few spooky web optimisation ideas to help you find those elusive giant sales uplifts.

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21 August 2014

FAQ: When should I invest in Universal Analytics?

Over the last few weeks, the question my clients have asked more than any other is whether it’s a good idea to switch to Universal Analytics (UA). Of course, that question really means, “Should we switch from Google Analytics (GA) now and not in 2016 when Google switches it off for good? When should I invest in Universal Analytics? Is UA as good as the hype, or is it just a fancy renaming exercise?”

In short, yes, it is well worth switching as soon as possible. Why? As well as putting you in control, UA has a host of benefits that GA doesn’t have. They are so useful you’ll want to get your hands on them. But first a bit of background.

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31 July 2012

Review: 'What a makes a great web analyst?'

A chunk of words has been written about ‘what makes a great web analyst’. Here I review a number of posts to identify what most commentators agree on as well as some key skills of web analysts that are less obvious, but no less important.

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29 June 2012

6 ways to improve your digital dashboard

Many of you are likely be spending time putting together dashboards crammed full of what you think is key data to bring to the attention of your stakeholders, team, boss, whoever.

Unfortunately, all too often, these people rarely look at what you have sent them and if they do they say it’s all a ‘ sea of numbers’.

This post is about how to improve the impact of your dashboards, and includes techniques that you can easily use to quickly show your audience the key data points they need to notice, and ultimately take action upon.


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