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Welcome to the Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles. Here you will find all sorts of current, useful information that our team source and share. We can help.

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11 July 2014

5 Recommended Books on Conversion Rate Optimisation

Are you the kind of person who likes to leave all your cares behind when you go on holiday? Or do you see vacations as the ideal downtime to catch up on professional reading?

We asked our team what non-fiction books they would pack in their suitcase (or load up on their Kindle) to optimise every minute on the sun loungers. Their choices cover a wide range of topics that come under the umbrella of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), so you’ll return home with not only a topped up tan, but also the tools to top up your sales figures.

Here are our optimisers’ top five recommended books on Conversion Rate Optimisation:

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26 November 2010

Gus and Vlad open a library

Vlad and Gus, forensic web analysts from the Web Detective Agency, are talking about some of their favourite books.

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2 June 2010

Social Media Metrics by Jim Sterne: A book review

Jim Sterne is one of the few elder statesmen of the web analytics world. Author, consultant, founder of the Emetrics summits and co-founder of the Web Analytics Association, Jim has been active in this field for over 25 years; his first book “Customer Service on Internet” was published in 1996.

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5 February 2010

The Science of Online Forms

Book Review: Forms That Work – Designing Web Forms for Usability by Jarrett and Gaffney

Any book that has a foreword by Steve Krug, author of my all-time favourite website usability book, Don’t Make Me Think, has got my attention.

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20 January 2010

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics - a brief review

It's 8.20am and Gus of the Web Detective Agency is first into the office. There he finds his boss, Vlad, head on his arms, asleep at his deck.

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