The Fastest Way to Fix a Website Conversion Problem

You’ll probably be familiar with the concept of conversion funnels. This is one of the single analytics reports we consider indispensable.

That’s because your conversion funnel tells you:

  1. Where your website is haemorrhaging traffic
  2. Where to focus your voice-of-customer activity for the biggest opportunity

If you haven’t got a robust conversion funnel set up and confirmed as generating accurate data, this should be the first thing you do.

funnel (2)Example of a B2B conversion funnel

At a glance you can see which parts of the funnel are bleeding money, and thus present themselves as the most obvious places to begin voice-of-customer activity.

In this example, two stages present themselves as a massive opportunity. The registration page, and the shopping cart.

The drop off you can see from the shopping cart is a false alarm caused by a limitation with the clients Google Analytics set-up, so the major haemorrhage by far is the account creation process.

Visitors are obviously not sufficiently persuaded and this was where our client needed to focus their voice-of-customer feedback efforts.


The fastest way to figure out your visitors’ biggest objections

A great tool for uncovering problems at specific parts of your funnel is Qualaroo.

qualaroo pop up (2)

Qualaroo is one of the quickest ways to discover hidden opportunities

You can place it on any page of your conversion funnel and ask your visitors any question you like. It’s not intrusive, and has never negatively impacted conversion when we’ve used it.

(Even if it did, it would be worth running it for a few days. The value of the feedback you get far outweighs any temporary loss you’d encounter while it was running.)

 The survey can be configured to appear for certain segments only, or as an exit survey, which makes it handy for investigating cart abandonment.

We’ve developed a list of incredibly powerful, slightly unorthodox, questions to ask at each point of the funnel.

The answers to these questions almost always lead to conversion-boosting insights.

If you’d like to know these, please get in touch.

The slowest way to fix a website conversion problem is to follow a list of best practises and tips – what works on one site may not work on another, and that’s why conducting your own research and testing is vital.

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