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Quick fixes for a low conversion rate on a new website [Infographic]

Quick fixes for a low conversion rate on a new website [Infographic]

It’s happened. Your worst fears have come true. After months of planning, development and testing, your new e-commerce website has gone live and, although it looks cleaner and has cool new features… it’s a conversion rate disaster.

What can you do to salvage the situation? Where do you start?

If your new website is under-performing, this Conversion Disaster Recovery Plan is an easy to implement process to increase your conversion rate. Follow this process and not only will it increase your e-commerce conversion rate to at least the levels you were seeing before, but we guarantee it will also restore your pride and confidence.

How to salvage the conversion rate of your new website

Follow this unique step-by-step process and discover:

  • Why your customers are buying less
  • Where the real problems lie
  • What you can do to fix it, and quickly

This approach contains quick fixes for a low conversion rate which will salvage your new site. We've even seen it increase conversion rates to higher than they were before. Put it to the test on your e-commerce website and see what difference it can make to your business.


AWA digital's Conversion Disaster Recovery Plan A step-by-step guide for you to follow to restore your conversion rate and increase sales


If you want to achieve double-digit increases in your sales for your e-commerce website, A/B split testing is a powerful and profitable tool when used as part of a complete Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme. Download our guide to A/B Testing here:

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