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Our top 10 most useful lists for conversionistas

Whether you are a seasoned CRO professional or at the beginning of your career you can’t afford to stop learning.

So here to help you we have pulled together our own top 10 list of useful CRO lists that we have found on the web over the last 12 months or so.

So.. in my best DJ voice .. here’s the top 10 countdown in reverse order:

In at 10: Tag Management Tools

Tag management has been one of the most discussed topics of the last 12 months particularly with the launch of Google Tag Manager in October 2012. Our friends at Econsultancy have pulled together a useful report which reviews the leading Tag Management tools and provides a guide to what to look out for when purchasing a paid-for solution. E-consultancy charge for this report, but they are always good value.

9. Data Visualisation

Data is the lifeblood of what we do, but sometimes the CRO and analytics industry becomes overly excited with the tools capturing that data and not about the insights and stories we find in the data. We believe the industry needs to become much better at telling compelling stories that brings contextual meaning to the data we are analysing.

One of the skills that an analyst should be developing in their armoury to improve their story telling is data visualisation. Net magazine has written a very useful review of the major data visualization tools currently available.

8. Top CRO blogs

The best tool available to a CRO specialist is not their analytics or testing tools. It’s their brain. Sometimes it’s useful to tap into other brains to get a different perspective. The list below details some of the best CRO practitioners who regularly blog about their work.

7. Speed testing tools

There is overwhelming evidence that the speed of a page download can have a fundamental impact on the financial success of an online business. The link below details a plethora of tools available to test the speed of a website. Without doubt one of these tools needs to become a core part of your analytics/CRO toolset if it isn’t already.

6. Ten ‘must own’ CRO Books

Although we love the internet and digital tools we are not afraid to go “old skool” with our next list. We’ve pulled together our own list of 10 books we believe every CRO professional should read. I’m not exaggerating when I say I consult one of these books at least every week to check something or look for some fresh thinking.

5. Google Analytics tips list

Whether you are a friend of Google or not, one thing you will have to accept is that Google Analytics is the standard web analytics tool .

With its ever-expanding list of features, Google Analytics is steadily becoming an enterprise clickstream analytics tool. If you are not familiar with GA it’s time you should be. Kissmetrics have pulled together a bumper collection of GA resources.

4. Econsultancy CRO report

Back to our friends at Econsultancy they have produced a fantastic report all to do with Conversion Rate Optimisation. The focus in this list is less about tools and more about the techniques used and the types of tests currently being considered by UK businesses.

3. The online marketer’s toolbox

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are pioneers in CRO and online marketing. In late 2011 they created a site specifically reviewing a cross section of online marketing tools (including CRO Tools). Although the reviews date back to February 2012 it’s still a very useful site:

2. MVT tools and guides

If you are new to testing this list is for you. This has a great set of introduction guides to CRO and A/B testing, case studies, links to all the major tool providers and guides and tutorials.

And at No.1 … Craig Sullivan’s CRO slidedeck

If you could only have access to one of the lists in this top 10 it has to be this one. Craig Sullivan is one of the leading lights in CRO in the UK today. We had the privilege of watching Craig present his CRO slidedeck at the latest MeasureCamp in London earlier this year. This slidedeck really is a treasure trove of information about all the CRO tools you would possibly want to use. Craig regularly updates this slidedeck when new tools enter the marketplace so there are no worries about it being up to date.

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