Surprising new facts about online customer behaviour

Highlights from “Expectation Economy” September 2015

On 10th September I attended Qubit’s Expectation Economy conference in Manchester.

The room was filled with a highly expectant audience eagerly lapping up the interesting points made by all the speakers. Below I’ve listed some of the key points I wanted to share with you:

Current stats are now flying in the face of conventional consumer wisdom:

  • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic was between 54 -66 (between 2012-2013)
  • Women make up the highest percentage of gamers
  • Subsaharan Africa is now the world’s largest mobile market

Online customer behaviour

  • On average, customers visit your site 5.1 times before they purchase [click to tweet]
  • Tablet and smartphone now account for 39.2% of overall traffic
  • Last year on average only 3.1% of visitors to retail sites made a purchase over the course of the year. The overriding majority of people that enter your site do not convert [click to tweet]
  • Customers who purchased for the second time spent 3.5% more than first time purchases

Peak sales periods

  • Boxing Day is no longer the key sales date in retailer’s calendar
  • The number of conversion online on Boxing Day dropped by 17% between 2013 and 2014
  • There were almost 79% more internet shoppers on Black Friday than on 26th December [click to tweet]

My key takeaways:

  • Customers are 10 times more likely to buy when they have bought just once – personalise your strategy around this customer [click to tweet]
  • Email is where your most loyal customers come from. They account for just 7.6% of your traffic but have a higher propensity to convert
  • The most common number of page views seen by the customer before they purchase is 10-15. Paths to purchase vary greatly [click to tweet]
  • Plan around cyber weekend (Black Friday & Cyber Monday). See our blog ‘How to optimise your ecommerce website for a Christmas to remember‘ for a plan to follow

If you want to dig deeper and find out how these facts about online customer behaviour could help your CRO programme, read our ebook below to find out how a focus on three power metrics can double your CRO success.


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