The must-have CRO tool for increasing your conversion rate

As AWA’s in-house conversion optimisation tools specialist, I can frequently be found reading tool blogs and press releases, learning about the latest developments before trying them out for myself and sharing my findings.

During the working week, I am regularly called upon to make recommendations about tools to use and answering questions about set up and cost. But that doesn’t make me a geek. (So please don’t hold it against me!)

In fact, after all this research, I’ve found the number one tool that every successful optimiser needs to have in their toolbox. It doesn’t require developers to set it up. It is free of charge and accessible to all. Yet it’s still underused.

What is it?

It’s these three words.




That’s right. The best tool I’ve found to guarantee you’ll see improvements on your website is a simple mindset. Forget everything you think you know about your customers. Go and explore, discover and learn.

Even the best optimisation tools in the world can’t help you find your true conversion killers if you’re blinkered by what you think the problems are.

Only once you’ve freed yourself of the restraints of hunches and well-meaning opinions can your optimisation toolkit really be unleashed. Surveys, heatmaps, usability studies and analytics will all be used and reviewed with a new freedom. Generating insight you never knew possible.

So if you’re looking for the best CRO tool out there, then look no further. Adopt this simple principle and see your optimisation efforts deliver greater potential than you thought possible.

Once you’ve adopted this mindset, you’ll need access to the best tools for the job to help you find out more about those pesky conversion killers. Read our ebook below to find out how a focus on three power metrics can double your CRO success.


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