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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – September 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I review a new app from SurveyMonkey that enables users to carry out surveys without access to WiFi; take a look at Balsamiq Cloud’s new historical storage feature; introduce a new look for Google Forms; and explain how Omniconvert is gathering speed.


Carry out field surveys offline with this neat new app

SurveyMonkeyThe SurveyMonkey Anywhere mobile app transforms any iOS or Android device into a fast, secure, mobile survey kiosk that won’t slow down if users can’t access WiFi.

Field surveys are a great way to canvas opinions and collect data at events such as conferences or trade shows, but the best preparations can be thwarted with unreliable or unavailable WiFi connections.

SurveyMonkey app no wifi-1

This new mobile app is perfect for carrying out user-friendly field surveys and will keep working in offline mode in signal-smothering concrete buildings as well as rural and other remote locations.

The app is also a great way to monitor employee satisfaction for companies where workers are on-site but don’t have easy access to computers.

SurveyMonkey Anywhere is easy to use with kiosk-style surveys displaying full-screen, eliminating visual clutter like browser interfaces and toolbars. This will keep survey-takers focused, generating faster, more valid data in any location.

It also keeps data secure as users can operate the device in lockdown or airplane mode and the data collected stays encrypted, both on the device and while en route to the cloud.

SurveyMonkey Anywhere is now available for Android, with an iOS version promised soon, so be one of the first to sign up.


Keep track of changes in Balsamiq Cloud
balsamiq-logoWhen Balsamiq Cloud was launched last September it was missing ‘project history’ as the tool’s developers needed longer to figure out how to make this a first class experience. Users who have missed this feature will be delighted to hear that it’s now available in Cloud.

Balsamiq porject historyBalsamiq Cloud have released one of their most requested features, project history.

Project History lets users keep track of every change made in Balsamiq Cloud, building up a complete historical view for each wireframing project. This means viewing any edits made to the project as well as user invitations, permission changes and those who leave the project.

In addition, the new feature keeps a history of all snapshots, or backups, that are manually created by users.


Google Forms just got better looking
logo-google-formsGood news for marketers who like to embed Google Forms in websites: these now have a sleek new look and offer improved performance, particularly on websites created using Google Sites.

Embedded forms are used on websites for a number of reasons, from collecting customer feedback and capturing new project ideas to gathering and sharing survey data.

The improvements made to Google Forms include a background that blends into the rest of the website; a better suggested height and width; and more intelligent use of space.

In addition, the forms will now adapt more easily for viewing on different devices, such as a mobile or desktop, and it will be easier to view and enter information.


Speeding up Omniconvert updates

Omniconvert_LogoUsers of Omniconvert software may have noticed that when they make changes to an experiment it can take around five minutes for this to be visible on the website.

To speed up the process, this multi-purpose CRO tool has introduced the OmniTool extension to reduce waiting time and enable users to see the updates they have made straight away.

Once the extension has been installed in the browser, users can switch on ‘Bypass’ to eliminate waiting time and see the updates in real time.


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