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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update - November 2016

Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update - November 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I explain how Qubit is using advanced machine learning to take customer experience to the next level; share two announcements from user tester recruitment tool Ethnio; report on a new data discovery tool from iPerceptions; look at a new way to boost survey completion rates; and report on Qualaroo's latest mobile development.

A new age of machine learning

qubit-logo.pngMulti CRO tool Qubit has launched a new platform driven by a machine learning engine to help marketers identify the right opportunities to test to achieve the greatest returns.

Qubit ML is part of the tool’s industry-leading digital experience management platform and is set to revolutionise the speed at which customer data can be processed, analysed and auctioned, taking the customer experience to the next level.

The first feature to harness this new engine is Opportunity Mining, available now as a preview.

Opportunity Mining automatically processes vast quantities of data to help marketers understand customer behaviour and uses a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning to prioritise customer groups by the largest revenue opportunities.

With these predictive capabilities, organisations can now focus on the segments that warrant the most attention, rather than randomly engaging specific customer segments with new experiences.

Once priority groups are established, relevant actions can be put in place, such as personalised product recommendations or abandonment recovery strategies.

Qubit says that its new engine will help users build a more complete customer understanding and provide a robust and agile technology platform to help deliver a tailored online experience. It also says that bringing machine learning into play can increase revenue per visitor 24-fold.

I can’t wait to put this to the test and look forward to further developments from this dynamic personalisation tool.

Ethnio makes recruiting and scheduling a piece of cake

ethnio-logo.jpgA preview of a new, pop-up participant management feature from testing recruitment tool Ethnio is one I’ll be following with great interest.

Built in partnership with the research team at AirBnB, the new feature will enable users to upload spreadsheets of potential participants and set up segments, rules, blacklists and email templates in advance, to make finding the right testers a piece of cake.

The feature is due for launch in 2017 and users are invited to sign up to give Ethnio early feedback.

We prefer to carry out one-to-one feedback sessions with website users, but for those who like to run group sessions, another new scheduling feature from Ethnio should save valuable time.

The new feature takes care of inviting, scheduling, reminding and paying up to 10 participants and is available for focus groups, multi-user interviews, panel discussions or group texts.

Advanced Exploration lets you dig deeper

iperceptions_logo.pngVoice of customer survey tool iPerceptions has launched Advanced Exploration to help users get the most out of the data they collect.

With Advanced Exploration, users can slice and dice the data using a number of variables to dig deeper and identify actionable insights. The data can not only be viewed in a number of ways, but can be saved in the tool for future reference.

Users can also give access to an unlimited number of colleagues so that insights can be shared throughout the organisation. Team members can also sign up to receive daily, weekly or monthly email updates.

Advanced Exploration is available now to all iPerceptions Enterprise users.

This is not a core tool for us, but it certainly sounds like a game-changer for converts to this method of collecting customer data.

A new way to boost survey completion rates

Survey Monkey says that when a recipient gets a taste of the survey they’re about to take, they’re more likely to complete it.

The tool has capitalised on this insight by launching a feature that embeds the first survey question in an email. When this has been answered, the entire survey is launched automatically, so the respondent doesn’t need to open it in a new window.

Even if the respondent chooses not to complete the full survey, the tool saves the response to that first question - so Survey Monkey recommends making this question the most important.

Survey Monkey predicts that users could increase the number of people who begin taking the survey by 22% and boost survey completion rates by 19%, so it’s certainly worth giving this new feature a try.

Qualaroo Android is now in beta

Following the news I shared last month that Qualaroo can now be integrated into iOS apps, the pop-up survey tool has now announced that it is beta testing for Android. Users are invited to get in touch with Qualaroo if they are interested in a trial.

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