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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – May 2017

Sally Edwards, Interim Marketing Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I take a look at the latest developments in the recording arena from visual analytics and heatmaps specialist Crazy Egg, insights tool AB Tasty and recording tool SessionCam. I also share the latest Optimizely updates and report on a handy new copy and paste feature from Survey Monkey.

Crazy Egg Recordings show visitor behaviour first-hand

crazy-egg-logo.pngRecordings is a new feature from Crazy Egg that will show exactly what visitors do, second by second, on a website.

Users will be able to see visitors zig-zag across the page with the mouse as they figure out what they’re supposed to do, or watch the cursor hover over the call to action for an agonising second before they click through.

Seeing how visitors navigate a website first-hand is the acid test for every design decision, because it’s what determines whether a visitor converts a sale or takes flight.

Recordings, which will be available to Crazy Egg users soon, will let you watch multiple sessions of different visitors clicking, scrolling and navigating through a website. This new feature will also make it easier to make the case for a redesign, A/B testing, or hiring an expert to sort out a troublesome element of the sales funnel.

This sounds like a great way to get instant feedback to identify roadblocks such as an awkward workflow or hard to find button, rather than spending time dredging through reports to identify patterns of behaviour.


Johann Van Tonder, chief operating officer for AWA digital

“If you love Crazy Egg as much as we do, you’ll welcome this development as it means you no longer have to rely on a separate piece of software to do session recordings.”


A new session recording feature from AB Tasty

AB_Tasty.pngWhile Crazy Egg is aimed at research and idea creation, the session recording tool from AB Tasty takes a data-driven approach to help users draw insights from split testing.

The Nirror recording feature was launched in September 2016 and a number of improvements have just been announced, based on feedback from early adopters, to make the feedback video easier to understand and use.

These include a redesign of the interface and the automatic ranking of videos by level of activity – meaning that you can filter recordings using criteria such as the frequency of activities including clicks, scrolling, movement of mouse and keystrokes.

In addition, personalised event recordings let you use simple JavaScript calls throughout the user’s session to create automatic tags that will help to easily identify interesting videos.


Johann Van Tonder, chief operating officer for AWA digital

“It’s crucial that you draw insights from split testing and a tool like this takes this to the next level.”


SessionCam speeds up error detection

sessioncam_logo.pngContinuing with the theme, website visitor recording tool SessionCam has launched a new Error Reporting feature that promises to make error detection 90 per cent faster.

This latest update to the tool’s machine-learning algorithm, the CS Score, automatically exposes all error messages – as well as their frequency – and SessionCam says that this will take machine-learning and customer behavioral analysis to a new level.

Chief product officer Richard Churchill says SessionCam found investigating and tracking error messages was a time-consuming and manual exercise for its clients and developed Error Reporting as part of the company’s mission to continuously develop features that address these types of business-critical issues.

SessionCam’s automated approach to detecting errors solves these issues with little effort on the part of the user, meaning that clients can focus on fixing them as quickly as possible, boosting operational efficiency.

Enhanced new features from Optimizely


One of our favourite personalisation tools has added new capabilities and enhancements to its latest platform, based on customer feedback and requests.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new on the Optimizely X Platform.

User-Based Recommendations

This new engine allows users to recommend products, content or offers to website visitors based on their browsing behaviour.  

Recommendations are easy to set up and manage once they’re published and let users test  different algorithms and measure their impact in real time with Stats Engine. The engine also works hand-in-hand with other Optimizely X web products for more powerful experimentation and targeting.

Experiment descriptions

Descriptions can now be added when creating experiments and campaigns to include valuable information like hypotheses, tags and other descriptive information.

Taking an integrated approach with Krux and Clicktale

Optimizely X now integrates with the new Krux Konsole data management platform and Clicktale’s heat mapping and user analytics tool. This means users can run more targeted tests and personalisation campaigns.

More security when using REST API tokens

A number of changes made to managing and generating REST API tokens mean administrators can now create them with a variety of permission levels, increasing security and usability.

Optimizely’s REST API also lets users create and manage Optimizely projects and experiments – and analyse results from other applications such as a data management platform, internal system or dashboard. Users can also use the Rest API to send email alerts when certain results are achieved.

A new feature to jump start your survey design


Fans of SurveyMonkey will love its latest feature, which allows users to copy and paste question and answer choices directly into the tool.

This means that if you start work on a survey when you are not online, you won’t have to retype your questions and multiple choice responses but can, instead, import them from a Word document using the Copy and Paste function, a button now found on the Design Survey section.

SurveyMonkey is already an easy tool to use, and this time-saving feature is a welcome addition.

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