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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – March 2017

Sally Edwards, Interim Marketing Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I review a new way to manage Ethnio screeners; share news of two developments from Google in Data Studio and AdWords; report on a more seamless sharing experience from Notable; and look at a handy new way to use EyeQuant in Chrome.

A neat new way to keep track of Ethnio screeners

ethnio-logo.jpgEthnio is rolling out a new overview section to help users of the testing recruitment tool keep track of screeners and team members.

Screeners are a great way to get a feel for a potential tester, but keeping tabs on them all can be challenging. The new section lets you drag and drop screeners into customised folders and gives an instant overview of traffic, team members and JavaScript IDs.

Highlights of the revamped overview section include new folders on the left, a display of traffic to each screener, quick edit shortcuts and a robust search function. There is also a URL label that can be customised to keep track of the source for each screener.

This looks like a great way to keep tabs on potential testers and identify the best sources for recruiting them.


Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital--We've always been proponents of remote moderated user testing, where users are recruited live on the website, and welcome any mechanism that makes that pro (2).png

Now Google’s Data Studio is a free for all

google-data-studio-logo-1.jpgGoogle Data Studio turns data into neat, highly sharable dashboards and reports.

To enable more businesses to get the full value from this dashborading and reporting tool that was launched last year, Google is removing the five report limit. This means that users can now create and share as many reports as they need — all for free.

Google says that it has received positive feedback from users of the tool over the past nine months and has seen rising demand for the product. As a result, it has continued to enhance the product making it even easier to use via templates and adding new data connectors.

A chance to increase call volumes – automatically

adwords-logo.pngGoogle AdWords that prominently feature a phone number on a mobile landing page will now automatically generate a call extension. This could lead to higher call volumes, but there is an option to opt out if advertisers don’t want to pay for more calls.

Reporting for automatic call extensions will be available at the campaign or ad group level, so users will be able to view all numbers being used for call extensions in one place.

Google says that it will not generate automatic call extensions where advertisers use dynamic phone numbers on landing pages and will not add additional call extensions if they have already been set up.

A more seamless sharing experience

notable-logo.pngRemote sharing tool Notable was originally designed to help making asking for and giving feedback on design and development projects as easy as possible. A new development now makes it even quicker and easier to collaborate with team members.

The app developers realised that switching between modules was slowing users down, so they have designed a new, unified topbar that make it possible to jump seamlessly between Notebooks, Prototypes, Tests, Stories and Code.

Notable says that collaborators and stakeholders now have a consistent way to navigate the app and leave comments, speeding up the feedback process.

A number of new features have also been added including alerts; notifications; @mentions to target specific users in notes and comments; a people tab; and user profiles.

Notable says that it has more developments in the pipeline, so watch this space.

 Johann Van Tonder, COO for AWA digital--Feedback loops and collaboration are vital in the design2Foptimisation process and this development is good news for teams working remotely. Even teams working in the same locat.png

A handy way to use EyeQuant in Chrome

eyequantlogo.pngEyeQuant uses artificial intelligence to instantly measure how attention-grabbing a web or mobile page is and a new feature creates a handy browser extension for Chrome.

Once installed, this adds a mini-button to the Chrome browser that lets users instantly analyse the site and displays the results in a new browser tab. This is a great time-saving feature for fans of EyeQuant as there is no need to open the app for each test.

The extension lets users analyse various screen sizes, either by changing the browser window or using one of a number of presets.  All analyses done through the extension will be placed in a new ‘browser extension’ folder and this free feature is available to install from the account page.


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