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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – March 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I report on Qubit securing $40 million of funding; a new interface for Visual Website Optimizer’s Multivariate Testing tool; the launch of Clicktale for Apps; and a new feature from Ethnio that will make it easier to recruit testers on your patch.

Qubit secures $40 million to drive developments

qubit-logo.pngAs a partner of Qubit – a provider of personalisation, tag management and analytical tools – we were delighted to learn that it has secured $40 million in its latest round of funding, led by investment giant Goldman Sachs.

Qubit says that this will enable it to keep investing in new markets and drive technical developments to enhance the platform and provide new solutions for customers across a range of industries such as retail, travel and finance.

As it will be focusing on back end developments rather than expanding its service offering for clients, Qubit is relying on its agency partners like AWA to help clients install and use the tools.

To quote Qubit’s Partnerships manager Marjolein Koppelaar: “This year will be big for us in terms of partners and the new round of investment really aligns with this. We want to focus on our technology and opening new markets, and having service partners that support us is essential to achieve both of these things.”

This is great news for us too as it means we will have access to a bigger and better Qubit platform and will get the opportunity to work with some new clients.

New interface for VWO’s Multivariate Testing

vwo_logo.pngIt’s always great when an existing tool adds improved features and a new interface for Visual Website Optimizer’s Multivariate Testing platform is a welcome addition.

Although we mainly use split testing in our CRO projects, as this leads to big wins for our clients, we do use Multivariate Testing on occasion to test out individual website features that could be tweaked to further increase conversions.

The new interface includes a built in duration calculator that gives you an estimation of how long it will take to complete the test and help you avoid starting those that will take too long to run. This is based on multiple factors, such as the number of combinations, the number of weekly website visitors to your site and the minimum lift in conversions you are looking for.

A duration calculator is already built into VWO’s split testing tool, so it’s good to see Multivariate Testing following suit and encouraging good practice.

Other new features include an enhancement to the statistics engine to reduce the risk of a false positive to less that 5 per cent; and the use of new terminology that more accurately reflects what the statistics are measuring.

Analytics for apps is just a click away

clicktale-logo-2016.pngClicktale has launched an App version of its analytics tool to help customers understand user behaviour, increase retention and improve business results.

This means that features such as visual heatmaps and recorded user sessions can now be applied across websites, mobile sites and apps to provide conversion analytics to help marketers and developers get a complete insight into how visitors interact across every digital touchpoint.

Clicktale for Apps is based on a solution developed by FlightRecorder, a cutting edge mobile app start-up that was acquired by the company in January 2016. Clicktale says it is using the in-app behaviour and analytics expertise of the FlightRecorder team to deepen the insights it provides into customers’ online experiences.

Buying should be as easy as possible on any medium, so it’s great to see Clicktale leading the way in App analytics. We love Clicktale for websites and are looking forward to trying out the App version for ourselves.

Ethnio helps you find testers on your patch

ethnio-logo.jpgTesting recruitment tool Ethnio has made targeting participants in a specific location easier than ever.

Now you can choose to have your Ethnio screener only display for cities of your choice, helping recruit local people to take part in usability testing, focus groups or stores visits.

The software uses GeoIP targeting from MaxMind, but only applies to JavaScript implementations and won’t work with direct links.

At AWA, we do all our usability testing remotely, so location based targeting isn’t relevant to us, but it should prove a useful tool for companies who are looking to recruit testers on their patch.

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