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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – June 2019

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month we take a look at two new updates from the much-loved Balsamiq wireframing tool, Sketch’s assault into the Adobe-owned world of print design and a dynamic new feature for VWO. It’s been another busy month for CRO tools…


Balsamiq: Two useful new updates to the Balsamiq Cloud app
balsamiq-logoWe’ve been reporting on the development and evolution of Balsamiq Cloud these last 6 months and June sees more highly-requested features released.

If you’re not familiar with it, Balsamiq is one of our favourite wireframing tools boasting a powerful drag and drop interface and its trademark ‘sketched-out’ design style.

The Cloud app was released earlier this year to much fanfare and has rapidly become popular among teams and client/agency relations to allow multiple members to work on the same project, suggest feedback and have discussions. When it launched, there was a notification system built in that sent out emails to all members of your project team, but they said that the ability to see who had changed what was coming soon. Well, it’s finally here.

Image 1 june 19 tools blogThe new-look Balsamiq Cloud notification

The second new feature released this month was the most requested update made by the Balsamiq users: the ability to create a direct link to full screen presentation mode, which can then be sent by email, added to the daily notifications or whatever you like. This makes it easily shareable with your team, your clients or stakeholders at any time, which is very useful, if not exactly earth-shattering.

Image 2 june 19 tools blog

Direct linking is now just a couple of quick clicks

So, two welcome new features, but the exciting bit is that the all-new Balsamiq desktop app is due to be released in the next few months. So, watch this space for updates as I for one am excited to see what they have come up with next.

Sketch: Export Artboards and pages for print with this official plugin from Sketch
SketchIt’s official. They can’t hide it any longer. Those folks over at Sketch have climbed into their longboats, swords in hand and invaded Adobe territory.

When Sketch first launched it was aimed firmly at UI, mobile and web design, but creative departments generally like to use the same tools as much as possible. So, it was inevitable that some Sketch users started using it to design their print artwork and illustrations too.

But now, Sketch have upped the ante. They have just released a new plugin allowing you to export your Artboards as PDFs with a CMYK color profile. Just choose, Plugins > Print Export and select ”Artboard per PDF page” in the export options panel.

image 3 june 19 tools blog

The new Print Export feature in Sketch

You can export to a variety of standard paper sizes, landscape or portrait orientation and even add bleed and crop marks.

Also, if you select ”Sketch page per PDF page” in the export options panel you can export all the Artboards on a page as one large PDF.

You can choose to show Artboard names, shadows and prototyping links, allowing you to quickly export user flows and UX overviews. This makes it super simple to see and share your whole user flow with shareholders, colleagues and other designers, saving time and streamlining your workflow.


VWO: Launch Dynamic Heatmaps for your non-static pages
VWO New logo june 2019Most regular readers of this blog will know that heatmaps serve as one of the best qualitative tools to collect relevant customer data, especially in terms of understanding their actual behaviour across your website.

E-commerce websites are often highly dynamic in nature. They have more interactive elements and dynamically populated content than any other kind of site. But these pages shed visitor interaction and information, which typically serves as the primary data for businesses to use to draw page performance conclusions, find elemental distractions, and improve overall customer experience. They are also often key pages at the bottom of the conversion funnel.

However, it can be very difficult to get good heatmap reports on these dynamic pages.

So what are the new VWO dynamic heatmaps? Unlike static heatmaps which can only be plotted on static web pages, dynamic heatmaps give you the leverage of studying real time customer behaviour on pages which are beyond the scope of other analytics tools.

image 4 june 19 tools blog

VWO’s Dynamic Heatmaps let you easily see what’s happening on non-static pages

In other words, dynamic heatmaps can be easily plotted on live websites with dynamic URLs such as My Profile, Orders, Cart, Account Settings, etc. to gather in-depth customer activity data.

This is a powerful weapon in your data-gathering armoury as these are some of the most important pages that you want to optimise. While some tools can do it, the process is often convoluted, takes a while to set up and takes just that one page in isolation.

If you want to learn more about conversion rate optimisation, read our Advanced Guide to CRO. This guide shares nearly a decade’s worth of experience of increasing online sales and revenue for multichannel businesses to empower you with the skills and knowledge to transform your business.

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