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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – June 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news with insights provided by Chief Operating Officer Johann Van Tonder.

This month I review an advanced analysis tool from Google; take a look at a neat way to activate SessionCam; and show how you can authorise credit cards for later processing in Formstack.

Drill deeper with Advanced Analysis from Google


Advanced Analysis is a new tool being rolled out in beta for Google Analytics 360 customers that will help website managers enhance the customer experience.

This smart tool offers more detailed analysis techniques and deeper exploration capabilities, so users can improve their understanding of how visitors interact with a site and use those insights to deliver improvements.

Google - Image 2

Advanced Analysis offers three powerful new techniques to help identify actionable insights about visitor behaviour on a site:

Exploration: this technique makes it easy to drag and drop multiple variables, such as segments, dimensions and metrics, into the analysis canvas to create an instant overview of the data. It also lets users view and compare multiple analysis tabs in a single view — helping to test and refine insights as you go.

Funnel Analysis: this technique helps users understand the various steps visitors take to complete actions on a site and see how quickly they progress through the purchase process. With Advanced Analysis, users can now add up to 10 steps, compared to the previous five.

Segment Overlap: this technique lets users see how segments created in Analytics 360 intersect with one another. For example, it could be used to identify a group of customers who responded to a major campaign and went on to become first-time purchasers.

Users can build audiences using any of the Advanced Analysis techniques, making it seamless to take action on the insights identified by the tool to increase conversions.

Johann_Van_Tonder_circle-01Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital 

One of the most important exercises in Conversion Rate Optimisation is to look at the customer journey through the site to see where weak spots are. This update lets you drill even deeper than before and do more sophisticated analysis across more segments.


Launch Adobe to activate SessionCam


SessionCam is a great way to improve the customer journey by recording live user sessions and analysing these to identify any pain points and put steps in place to smooth them over.

The session recording tool also includes additional analysis functionality such as heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics and alerts.

Now the SessionCam tag is available in the Adobe Exchange App Marketplace within the Experience Cloud Exchange and can be added to a website using Launch by Adobe. 

Launch by Adobe is a new solution designed to enable users to orchestrate and activate web-based marketing tools and can be used to deploy the SessionCam tag in just a few clicks. 

SessionCam also continues to support Adobe Dynamic Tag Management as well as Ensighten, Google Tag Manager, Tealium and Qubit.


Authorise now and customers pay later

Formstack Logo

Formstack is a form-builder that has been used by thousands of companies to embed their forms in all sorts of web pages, including lead-gen and payment pages. Formstack’s enhanced integration with Authorize.Net means that users of one of their forms can now authorise and store a one-time payment instead of processing it immediately.

This means that credit card details can be easily collected and securely stored ahead of time and Formstack users can then bill customers when they need to instead of having to request the payment at a future date. This is shown as an ‘Authorisation Only’ option in the integration settings, see image below:

Formstack - Image‘Authorisation Only’ option in the integration settings

The new feature not only saves time for website managers and customers, but gives users more flexibility around handling various payment situations.


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