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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – June 2017

Sally Edwards, Interim Marketing Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I review personalisation tool Qubit’s bumper Spring release; take a look at a new feature from recording tool SessionCam that helps prioritise fixes that are costing the most in lost revenue; share new features from remote sharing tool Notable; and explain how wireframing tool Balsamiq has solved the problem of mobile pages not fitting in a single screen.

A raft of shiny new features from Qubit


We love personalisation tool Qubit and give a warm welcome to the wide range of new features and enhancements announced in its Spring release.

These have been designed to create more automated and powerful targeting and provide easier and greater open access to analytics.

In a bid to give more freedom to marketers, templated experiences have been introduced that enable users to select their own experiment controls and create segments. In addition, for sites with low traffic, tests can be created that are faster and produce results quicker by enabling the user to select the winner threshold. 

On the analytics side, the tool has been integrated with Google Analytics (GA) so that users of GA web analytics will be able to view Qubit experiment data at the same time.

The other major development from the release is the default segmentation for adaptive targeting based on pre-set criteria. Movement of visitors from one segment to another – for example to a higher loyalty tier can then be tracked as a measure of experiment success.

Johann Van Tonder, chief operating officer for AWA digital

There are a number of things to get excited about with this major release, but if I had to choose one, it would be the long-awaited ability to do post-test segmentation.

SessionCam can now count the cost of lost conversions


A groundbreaking new feature from recording tool SessionCam automatically identifies the monetary value of items in a customer’s basket.

Revenue at Risk allows you to instantly quantify the real business impact of an error or website issue that is causing customer frustration and means that they don’t convert the sale. This new feature prioritises these issues in order of the greatest sum of potential lost revenue, so users can focus on the fixes that will provide the greatest increase to the bottom line.

To generate the maximum value from this new feature, SessionCam has combined it with its Error Reporting tool. SessionCam says that this will help its clients put a financial value on each website error by measuring the frequency of each error, understanding the number of customers impacted and, most importantly, knowing the lost revenue associated with each error.

This development looks set to help the CRO planning and decision making process as it will focus attention on the website fixes that will deliver the greatest value.

Johann Van Tonder, chief operating officer for AWA digital

As specialists in e-commerce optimisation, we always strive to get as close to revenue as possible in our analysis and testing, so this is something that we can’t wait to start implementing.

Notable has created new ways to collaborate

notable-logo.pngRemote sharing tool Notable unveils a collection of new features designed to share insights and progress between team members and influence design conversations.

Here is a summary of the new features

  • Alerts – this will notify users of new activity and communication in the app and via email
  • Notifications – to help keep track of project updates and past communication across all modules
  • @mentions – these target specific users in notes and comments in the app modules
  • People tab – to help manage team members, see their latest contributions to projects and to access user profiles
  • User profiles – let users view the personal profiles of team members and track their activity by project, see their latest updates and ping them to start a conversation.

With more teams working in remote locations, tools like Notable are a fantastic way to keep conversations flowing and these new features look set to take collaboration to a new level.

Balsamiq stretches wireframes to fit mobiles and iPads


Wireframing tool Balsamiq has solved the problem of mobile pages that don’t fit in a single screen.

Its new stretchy phones features means that users will no longer need to use a rectangle control instead of the phone control –  they can just stretch the phone or iPad down.

The new option has been set as the default for new controls, but existing wireframes won’t be affected

In addition, Balsamiq has introduced 41 shiny new icons – featuring everything from a shower and a podcast to a microchip – that could enhance your wireframe designs.

Johann Van Tonder, chief operating officer for AWA digital

Given the explosive growth of mobile, and our policy to take a mobile-first development approach, this will certainly make our lives just a little easier.

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