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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – July 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I introduce a new way to take surveys direct to your audience; share news from Feng-GUI about a new benchmark from MIT; and explain how you can collect offline submissions for Formstack.


MIT benchmark puts Feng-GUI at the forefront of design analysis
Feng-gui logoThe world’s leading university of technology has reviewed the accuracy of Feng-GUI’s attention algorithm as part of its Saliency Benchmark and rated it on par with human eye-tracking.

Feng-GUI (Graphic User Interface) simulates human vision for the first five seconds of a visit to the site and creates algorithm-based heat maps showing where the eye has stopped for longer.


This tool is used by designers and advertisers to analyse attention and attraction to websites and advertisements. Using categories such as ‘hot’ and ‘cool’, the Feng-GUI report delivers a detailed analysis showing which areas of the page are engaging the user the most. This enables designers to optimise layout, identify weaknesses and improve performance.

Now the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has used saliency modelling to measure the performance of Feng-GUI and has given it a score of 92 per cent, on par with human eye-tracking.

Try it out for yourself here:

For the test, MIT researchers recorded the eye movements of 120 observers while they freely viewed a total of 4,000 natural and artificial images.


Reach more survey takers with QR codes from SurveyMonkey

QR codes have been much more popular in China and Japan, than they have in the western world, and they have been used increasingly in these regions for everything from accessing websites to bike sharing services and SurveyMonkey has now introduced them as a quick and easy way to collect survey responses.

QR-code-SurveyMonkeyUpdateYou can now access Survey Monkey surveys via a QR code

Using QR codes gives survey creators another way to reach their target audiences by making them available in the physical world, where they can be printed on everything from posters and pamphlets to menus.

This is a great way to capture feedback from a live event – such as a customer presentation, concert or employee conference. Users can simply post the QR code in gathering areas so event goers can take the survey there and then, while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Survey QR codes can also help retailers get instant feedback on their products by enabling shoppers to take a survey direct from product packaging.

This sounds like a great solution for connecting with survey respondents – especially when sharing surveys digitally isn’t an option.


Now you can capture data offline for Formstack
Formstack LogoThanks to the launch of Formstack Go, a new mobile app for iOS and Android, users of the tool can now capture form data without a live internet connection, store the data locally on the device and upload it to the cloud once a connection becomes available.

Offline functionality was the top request on Formstack’s ideas site and the tool has responded by creating the new app. This enables users who work on the go, in areas such as sales, construction and manufacturing, to capture information digitally for later use, reducing their reliance on paper forms and manual data entry.

The Offline Forms add-on retains third-party web app integrations and workflow automation processes as well, so users can still automate processes and boost productivity from remote locations.

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