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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – July 2015

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I bring news of an exciting partnership between AWA digital and split testing tool Optimizely; give the inside track on new announcements made at Optimizely’s annual conference; and report on the launch of a new feature from

Announcements from Opticon

Optimizely unveiled a number of new innovations at Opticon, its high energy annual conference held in San Francisco from 17-18 June. Here are two highlights.

Taking personalisation to the next level

optimizely_personalisation_cropped_v1Online shoppers today expect a personal experience online to rival a visit to their favourite local store. To meet this demand, an increasing number of eBusiness and channel strategy professionals say that personalisation is their top commerce technology investment priority.

Optimizely is set to launch a new solution to help businesses access and make use of the rich customer data they collect to personalise the shopping experience for their visitors across web and mobile platforms in real time.

Optimizely Personalization is designed to help businesses craft and deliver tailored content and online experiences that delight customers and increase revenue. It targets visitors in real time based on the actions they take on a site as well as what is known about them from other data sources.

Optimizely has told us that the product will be available as part of its Experience Optimization Platform in the Autumn. It is currently in private beta testing and they are still finalising a commercial strategy for the solution. We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments and reporting back.

Target data defined by you

When running split tests, it makes sense to target visitors by segments to get the most accurate results. A new feature from Optimizely, User List Targeting, lets you define these in line with your own business needs rather than using pre-set segments.
Fresh out of beta testing, the new feature lets you target groups such as VIP members in a loyalty programme; visitors who have signed up for your newsletter but never purchased anything; visitors from your email service provider who are going to qualify for a future promotion; or visitors who live in a target geographical area.


Optimizely says that the new feature is easy to use and can be integrated with user lists imported from other tools such as It will be available to customers on select enterprise plans.

A better way to recruit testers

UserTesting_logoAnother announcement that caught my eye this month is a new feature from This panel based testing tool recruits candidates to take part in recorded online user sessions, but for the best results you need to identify the right candidates.

To do this, the tool enables you to ask screener questions to get the right person. Previously, test participants could only select one answer for each question, even if multiple answers applied. UserTesting Pro clients can now include multiple answer options for screener questions using a new screen question option.

This means that potential test participants will now be able to complete the screener more accurately, giving faster test results and making it easier to recruit your ideal target audience.

Delivering better online experiences

optimizely_solutions_partnerI’m delighted to report that we are one of just a handful of UK CRO agencies to become an Optimizely certified solutions partner.

Optimizely is the world’s leading experience optimisation platform and sets the benchmark for others, making it our split testing tool of choice.

The partnership has involved our developers being accredited to use Optimizely, so we will be able to offer enhanced levels of support to clients who want to use the tool to A/B test new web pages and features to increase conversions.

Being a solutions partner also gives us early access to Optimizely’s new innovations and the opportunity to help shape these developments in beta testing. We are looking forward to running joint promotions with Optimizely and our clients will have the chance to meet their technical specialists at our industry events.

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