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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – January 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I review four neat new features from Google Analytics that will make it easier for marketers to monitor customer journeys; explore data management tool Formstack’s integration with work management platform Smartsheet; and share the latest development from SurveyMonkey that enables teams to collaborate on surveys within Microsoft applications in real time.

Getting the full measure of the customer journey

google-analytics-logo.pngFour new features have been added to Google Analytics to help marketers track the behaviour of website users and deliver more personalised and relevant site experiences.

  • Reaching the users most likely to convert

The latest metric from Google Analytics, Conversion Probability, uses machine learning to work out the probability that a given user will convert in the future, based on users who have made transactions in the past.

This means that marketers can create campaigns or set up site experiments targeting users who have a high likelihood of purchasing.

This new feature is the first forward-looking estimate of how likely a conversion is for individual users and is being rolled out in beta to all Analytics accounts over the next few months.

  • Lifetime metrics and dimensions measured for every user

New metrics and dimensions in the User Explorer tool will give marketers a more detailed way to measure visitors and customers based on the lifetime of their cookie.

For example, they will be able to look back and see the total amount of time an individual user has spent on a site and the total number of transactions made. It is also possible to see new dimensions showing data such as when a user made their first visit to a site and which channel they came from.

  • Audiences in reporting

For marketers who live and breathe audiences, the breathing just got easier with the option to publish any audience report in Google Analytics without needing to export it to another tool first.

Marketers can now go to the new Audiences report and see a cross-channel view of all the audiences created in Analytics, for example looking at users who have purchased within the past 12 months, but not during the last two.

  • More focus on users in standard reporting

Standard reports have been updated to focus more on users. User metrics are an essential way to understand how customers engage with a site, especially those who have multiple sessions across multiple days.

With updated standard reporting, Google Analytics lets marketers see at a glance how many users are coming to a site from paid search as well as displaying the number of sessions.

A smarter way to work

Formstack Logo.gifData management tool Formstack has teamed up with enterprise work management platform Smartsheet to make it even easier for teams to work together on projects.

Smartsheet allows users to plan, track, automate and report on their work and it’s used widely by all types of businesses to manage marketing campaigns, day-to-day operations and events.

This integration will make these tasks easier by enabling Smartsheet users to build advanced online forms that automatically populate their sheets with submission information and update team members when new data is added.

Smartsheet comes equipped with basic online forms, but for those looking for more advanced features, using Formstack’s customised forms with styling and logic features will help teams create seamless data management processes.

The Smartsheet integration is available to all Formstack users, but users need to have both a Formstack and a Smartsheet account to activate the integration.


Survey Monkey and Microsoft create a dream team

SurveyMonkey.pngTeams working together create better survey experiences and better data too as an extra pair of eyes can spot the golden nugget when it comes to analysing the results.

With that in mind, SurveyMonkey has partnered with Microsoft to enable users to add surveys to some of the apps teams use every day. This means that users of tools like Microsoft Teams can add SurveyMonkey to their everyday workflow.

Microsoft Teams is a great way to chat and share documents and files. This integration with SurveyMonkey also gives teams an interactive platform to access, create and analyse survey results together in real time. A connector can also be added to surveys so that team members get instant updates as new results come in.

SurveyMonkey can also be used to send a quick one-question poll from within Microsoft Teams to teammates.

SurveyMonkey has also been integrated with other Microsoft apps and can be linked to an Office 365 account and surveys accessed through tools such as OneDrive. Users will then be able to easily look up the most frequent collaborators within the company and invite them to preview and comment on surveys.

Surveys are a great way to get valuable feedback from both customers and colleagues and this integration will make it even easier to get the answers you are looking for faster.

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