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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – February 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news with insights provided by Chief Operating Officer Johann Van Tonder.

This month I bring news that WhatUsersDo has joined the UserZoom family, bringing an international flavour to user experience testing; review a development from Formstack that lets users connect these handy forms to more than 1,000 web tools; share a bumper update from user engagement tool AB Tasty; and take a look at an easy way to improve WordPress sites with a simple testing plugin from Optimizely.

WhatUsersDo joins the UserZoom family

whatusersdo-logo-1.jpgTesting platform WhatUsersDo has been acquired by global user experience research platform, UserZoom, in a move that should make it easier to find the right participants for experiments. 

WhatUsersDo says it will still be offering the same qualitative user insights that have always been available from its platform, but will also be incorporating the broader range of multi-method research capabilities on offer through UserZoom. 

UserZoom is a cloud-based all-in-one user experience research and testing platform that provides both quantitative and qualitative insights to help marketers improve the user experience. 

New and existing WhatUsersDo customers will now be able to take advantage of a wider ecosystem of panelists available for even better, faster and easier participant sourcing – especially internationally where demand is growing.

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“This development sees two of the world’s leading user experience research platforms joining forces in a highly contested space. We eagerly await further announcements. WhatUsersDo recently increased its prices dramatically; here’s hoping that releases in the pipeline will make up for that.”

Formstack now connects with more than 1,000 web tools

Formstack Logo.gifThanks to an integration with workflow automation tool Zapier, fans of Formstack can now connect the forms they create with more than 1,000 other web apps. 

This works by letting users of Formstack set up codeless integrations known as Zaps. These automatically send information from one tool to another, bringing an end to the manual transfer of data between business tools and giving users more time to focus on high value tasks. 

Formstack has also upgraded its mobile app with visual enhancements and new features, so it’s easier than ever for users to manage forms on the go. The Formstack mobile app lets users view forms, collect submissions and see all submitted data on a mobile phone or tablet and use charts and graphs to analyse real-time updates. The latest version has a sleek new design as well as a search function and password reset feature.

AB Tasty creates a new landscape of testing possibilities

AB_Tasty.pngTesting, personalisation and user engagement tool AB Tasty is launching a new server-side A/B testing solution.

Server-side testing gives marketers a wide range of testing options to play with as it lets them change any aspect of a site, whether front-end or back-end.

This opens up a whole new landscape of testing and optimising possibilities, including:

  • chatbot conversations
  • mobile apps
  • transactional email open rates
  • algorithms
  • push notifications
  • product visuals
  • price
  • media article titles

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“This is exciting. Most popular A/B testing tools make changes in the user’s browser, limiting what can be experimented with. Server-side testing opens up new opportunities for testing and should be flicker-free.”

In addition, AB Tasty says that it is moving forward with predictive personalisation. Currently, personalisation capabilities are driven by rules that marketers define themselves, such as segments, messages and triggers.

In AB Tasty’s predictive personalisation model, algorithms will identify patterns in consumer profiles and behaviour to establish relevant segments and match them with the appropriate personalised message. This will make it easier for marketers to scale up a digital personalisation strategy and reveal important insights that could stay hidden in the data.

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“The next frontier is personalisation. Humans have too many blind spots when it comes to segmentation. If you’re reasonably advanced on the optimisation and A/B testing curve, this is for you.”

In separate developments, AB Tasty has launched a new reporting feature that can be used outside of the platform to access data about tests and a widget library that lets marketers create their own campaigns to help boost engagement with website users.

Optimizely makes testing a piece of cake in WordPress

optimizely.pngA WordPress plugin is now available for Optimizely X so that marketers can start to improve their websites from day one by carrying out A/B testing. 

This neat plugin lets users create split tests, view the results and launch the winning features within WordPress, meaning that website visitors are more likely to be converted into customers. 

Experiments can be created in minutes with Optimizely X’s easy-to-use visual interface that needs no coding or engineering to set up. Developers can simply switch on the plugin and they will be ready to go. 

You’ll need an Optimizely account to take advantage of this new plugin.

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